Actor Park Seo Joon says he doesn’t see IU as a little sister, he sees her much bigger

Actor Park Seo Joon says he doesn’t see IU as a little sister, he sees her much bigger

Many fans of the actors. parc seo joon etc user interface waiting for his next movie Dream, which will be released on April 26th.

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Dream is a film about a soccer player named Hong Dae (played by Park Seo Joon) who coaches the Homeless National Team for the Homeless World Cup. Meanwhile, an aspiring director named So Min (played by IU) films the process of making a documentary.

‘Dream’ Movie Poster | Entertainment PlusM

A recent press conference for Dream On April 18, he revealed more behind-the-scenes facts of the film, such as the fact that none of the football scenes Park Seo Joon appears in are in CG. He also shared that he has gained more respect from professional soccer players after experiencing the difficulty of running on grass.

I’m honored to show another side of myself. I was able to shoot the soccer scenes because they designed the scenes with technical details and all I had to do was practice. I also built up my physical strength and tried to emulate the game, mostly preparing for the lower half of my body. As I walked on the grass, I realized how different it was from bare ground. It wasn’t as bad as sand, but it felt like it was pinching my legs. I felt how great football players are and that made me cheer even more.

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This will be Park Seo Joon’s first production in four years after his K-drama Class Itaewon, so he said he was nervous. However, because the cast of Dream It’s full of quality players, he could count on them to help him.

My previous production was Class Itaewonthat we’ve all been through together, but I’ve had some emotionally difficult times. In Dream, there are more high-level actors than in my previous production, and there was IU, so I could count on them. It’s more than a single work, it’s a production where teamwork is important and has helped.

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He continued to show his respect for IU as a co-star and fan by expressing how honored he was to film with her and that he didn’t see her as a “little sister.”

I’ve never felt like a little sister to her, but she’s a wonderful person. She’s someone who managed to chase two rabbits away as a singer and actress and she’s amazing. I was such a fan and was lucky to have the opportunity to be in a production with her.

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Park Seo Joon even anticipated fans hoping for another production with IU when he expressed how much fun he was having with it.

We did really well and had a lot of fun, so I’m a bit disappointed that it’s over. I think it will be fun to meet again next time.

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Seeing how much Park Seo Joon respects his co-star when he has the same talent and accomplishments shows his humility and the respect he has for his fellow actors. And as excited as Park Seo Joon was to work with IU, audiences are eager to see the chemistry between the two actors in the upcoming comedy hitting the big screen.

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