Actor Kim Min Gue’s new K-drama Heavenly Idol has gone viral for an emotional scene that shows the importance of an idol to fans

Actor Kim Min Gue’s new K-drama Heavenly Idol has gone viral for an emotional scene that shows the importance of an idol to fans

2022 seemed to be the year that K-Dramas took over the world, and one of those series that really captured fans’ hearts was business proposal. The lighthearted show apparently went viral weekly and netizens loved the chemistry between the actors both on and off screen.

One of the stars who saw his fame skyrocket was my kim min (aka Kim Min Kyu), who played the main character’s best friend, Cha Sung Hoon.

Kim Min Gue in “Business Proposal” | NTV


Kim Min Gue recently starred in the new K-drama. The heavenly idol.

In the series, the popular actor undergoes a major transformation on the show as he plays a high priest named Rembrary before swapping souls with Woo Yeon Woo, a K-pop idol.

Kim Min Gue as High Priest | NTV

Then he finds himself in the body of an idol | NTV

However, among all the star’s adorable scenes and shocking transformations, one of the scenes from the first episode went viral for striking a chord with K-pop fans.

After Rembrary can’t remember or know anything about life as a K-pop idol, he’s taken by Yeon Woo’s biggest fan, Kim Dal (To Bo Gyeol).

Go Bo Byeol as Kim Dal | NTV

In the second episode, the show follows Kim Dal’s life prior to his first interaction with Yeon Woo and the group. In one scene, Kim Dal seems to be at rock bottom as he walks past Yeon Woo and his band in front of fans.

As the members are distributing CDs, Yeon Woo approaches Kim Dal and gives her one as a gift. She even asks for her name to write the young woman a personal message.

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He even invites her to a band performance and autograph session, and her reaction suggests that perhaps she hadn’t planned on fighting further.

With Kim Dal apparently about to leave, Yeon Woo makes sure that she takes the CD and the special gift when adding, “I just want you to remember us. In return, I won’t forget you either.” He also takes Kim Dal’s bag, which viewers know contains soju and charcoal briquettes.

Reading the post, netizens got very emotional as the idol apparently acknowledged Kim Dal’s pain, writing: “My calling is to heal people. Wait Kim Dal, Yeon Woo cheering you on.

The expression on Kim Dal’s face changes instantly, and after returning to the present, the now-adult Kim Dal shares the meaning of that moment. He reveals why he wants to help Yeon Woo (now Rembrary) get back on track.

When the clip was shared, netizens couldn’t hide the impact the scene had on them. Although the importance of idols to netizens can sometimes cross the line and be seen as “childish” by society, the implications should not be overlooked.

Even on Twitter there was something extremely connected to the scene that showed the huge impact idols have on fans.

However, despite rave reviews from international netizens, many were shocked to learn that the show’s viewership in Korea has plummeted. While the first episode premiered with an average rating of 3.09% (National) and 3.40% (Seoul), the second episode only recorded a rating of 2.017%.

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Sometimes the delay can affect the notes. With only two episodes airing, it might take some time for Korean netizens to tune in to the show as international viewers.