Actor Gong Yoo uploads photos from his trip to London

Actor Gong Yoo uploads photos from his trip to London

Actor gong yo downloaded a bunch of Instagram Photos showing him enjoying himself in London.

Gong Yoo | @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He stopped by a bookstore and snapped some Instagram-worthy aesthetic photos while staring into the glass.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He also made cheese in the middle of the street and showed a nice London setting and his pretty side profile.

| @gongyoo_official/Instagram

He even visited the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the home of footballers son Heung Min and his team Tottenham Hotspur.

Of course, he also took mirror and car selfies with his fellow passengers.

He even ate a delicious burger with fries.

Then he worked out at the gym, maybe to burn the burger and fries.

He pranced down a hallway.

Gong Yoo then posted a photo of himself “knocked out” on the couch, holding a bottle of alcohol Blue Label Johnnie Walker Whiskey.

Then it turned into a spot the difference game when he uploaded the same picture but with his hat on.

Fans enjoyed the humor and fun vibes.

Nonsense or not, Gong Yoo’s Instagram updates are always welcome.

Source: @gongyoo_official and @gongyoo_official

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