according to Jin, it is J-Hope, member of BTS, who is leaving to do his military service

according to Jin, it is J-Hope, member of BTS, who is leaving to do his military service

JUNG Yeon-je / AFP (FILES) In this file photo taken on November 20, 2020, South Korean K-pop boy band BTS member J-Hope poses for a photo session during a press conference for BTS’ new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” in Seoul . – BTS star J-Hope was due to begin his mandatory South Korean military service on April 18, 2023, local media reported, the second member to report for duty since the K-pop juggernaut went on hiatus last year. (Photo by Jung Yeon-je / AFP)

JUNG Yeon-je / AFP

J-Hope, one of the members of the Korean pop group BTS (here in Seoul on November 20, 2020), starts his military service and takes a break from his music career.

MUSIC – The star of BTS phenomenon group J-Hope will begin his mandatory military service in South Korea on Tuesday, April 18, becoming the second member of the K-pop boy band to enlist in the army.

The first South Korean band to top the US and UK charts, multiple Grammy nominees and a worldwide following ARMYBTS has generated billions of dollars in revenue since its debut in 2013.

But South Korea requires all able-bodied men to serve at least 18 months in the military, and after years of debate over whether BTS deserves an exception, Jin, the group’s eldest, was the first to file in December.

J-Hope, whose full name is Jung Ho-seok, starts his five-week course at an army training camp in northeast China’s Gangwon Province on Tuesday, Yonhap News Agency reported.

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New regulatory fit

L’“Idol” The 29-year-old has on Monday 17. “I love you, ARMY. I am leaving and will return healthy”he explained.

The post sparked thousands of comments from fans, many of whom expressed their sadness at the band’s temporary split.

“Be careful and stay healthy. ARMY will do its best to stay positive by spreading the word and supporting the things you love and enjoy! Please say hello to Jin from us. We will miss you very much”wrote one of them.

Another praises his “Duty and Service” against his country. D-1 -(J-1 in French) commented this Monday on Jin, who has been in the flag for four months, with a heart under one of J-Hope’s Weverse messages to emphasize that there is only one day left until his comrade’s incorporation.

J-Hope also shared it on his Instagram account this Monday, April 17:

“I will have a good trip”

Hybe confirmed on April 1 that J-Hope would start his military service without giving any further details. “To avoid problems related to crowds”.

“The induction ceremony is a moment reserved for military personnel and their families. (…) Fans are advised not to visit the site”said the label.

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Back to life “normal”

During a livestream this Friday, J-Hope shared with his fans his excitement about joining the military. “It will be a new experience, I will learn to integrate into a new society and I am excited about that.”he said.

“Meanwhile, I look forward to living normally every day, it will be different from my usual lifestyle. It might allow me to be healthier.”he added.

The group had acknowledged the exhaustion and pressure caused by their stratospheric success when announcing a break in 2022, stating that each of the members would be taking a break to focus on their solo careers.

Analysts are wondering about the group’s future once the seven members have completed their military service. Some male K-pop stars have struggled to resume their careers after military service, in an industry where artists can be easily replaced.

“During this absence, BTS could lose public interest, and the drop in popularity will hurt its business.”noted to AFP Lee Taek-gwang, Professor of Communication at Kyung Hee University.

according to him “It’s not just the problem of BTS, it’s the problem of almost all boy bands and male celebrities” from South Korea.

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