A single photo of a ‘bloody’ Cha Eunwoo has netizens in shambles – Kpopnews

A single photo of a ‘bloody’ Cha Eunwoo has netizens in shambles – Kpopnews

A picture of cha-eun-woo on the set of Island it’s going viral fast.

On March 12, an online post entitled, “This Unique Photo of Cha Eunwoo Has Been Retweeted Over 20,000 Times” went viral. In the post, the author posts a photo of Cha Eunwoo staring at a phone being held by someone.

Cha Eun Woo | elqoo

A tweet showing the captions perfectly renders the actor’s images.


— @941roh

According to the post’s author, the photo was taken while Cha Eunwoo was filming a fight scene in his drama. Island. In the drama, Cha Eunwoo plays a Catholic priest who fights evil to protect all life.

The drama was a hit with sleepers, and you don’t have to look too far to understand why.

Netizens were amazed by the actor’s images, many compared him to CGI graphics and game characters. Other netizens expressed their disbelief and couldn’t believe that anyone could look so good.

| @elqoo

  • “I like Island. They represent the genre well and (Cha Eunwoo’s) acting has improved and his face is very handsome. He’s good at action scenes and I’m looking forward to his next project.
  • “But why does he look like a wax figure? Great.”
  • “Wow. Please play more often.”
  • “How does it look?”
  • “I knew he was good looking but after seeing him yesterday I thought he wasn’t really human and done with computer graphics. It is so beautiful.
  • “It’s an incredible level of attractiveness.”
  • “Even the characters in the game aren’t as handsome as him.”
  • “Eunwoo, thank you for your debut.”
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Did you see Island? Check out the trailer for the drama at the link below!