A sasaeng broke into Haechans (NCT); SM Announces Measures – K-GEN

A sasaeng broke into Haechans (NCT); SM Announces Measures – K-GEN

SM Entertainment announces action after some fans’ behavior went too far.

On March 6, the agency announced it would take action against fans who go too far in invading the privacy of NCT members, including a scary incident involving Haechan and a sasaeng (those obsessive fans who invade privacy invade by idols).

The agency announced:

” Good morning. This is SM Entertainment.

We take a stand on the recent increase in acts that seriously invade the privacy of NCT members.

Members have suffered greatly from ongoing acts such as B. Fans visiting places related to members’ daily life without permission and waiting for them there, fans following their vehicles, fans excessively contacting or photographing them in airport security area including on board aircraft, fans who illegally obtain personal information and attempt to contact them indiscriminately, and those who spread malicious rumors.

In particular, at the end of November last year, there was an incident in which a “sasaeng” was used to break into Haechan’s home. Since Haechan lives with his family, not only Haechan but also his family complained that they had suffered significant psychological damage.

The “Sasaeng” burglary and burglary was indicted by the prosecutors, and although the case was generously closed without criminal sanctions in accordance with Haechan’s wishes, it revealed the seriousness of the issue of violating the privacy of people, artists, and we have decided that the Disclosing the situation with a desire to turn it into a warning so that such a problem does not occur again.

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We reiterate that such acts are not acts of expressing interest in artists, but instill fear in artists and that it is a stalking crime that causes serious harm not only to the individual but also to his family and acquaintances . We hope that sasaengs will stop violating artists’ privacy immediately.

Going forward, we will strictly treat illegal acts such as breaking into sasaengs, leaking personal information, and harassment with zero tolerance. The agency will vigorously pursue legal action by any means necessary and we ask that you exercise caution not to engage in such heinous acts.

We will do our best to protect our artists in the future.

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