A Sacred Treason” by Netflix • Kpopnews

A Sacred Treason” by Netflix • Kpopnews

director of NetflixIt is In the name of God: a holy treason He told the gruesome stories of cult members who had hunted him and the victims.

| Netflix

cho sang hyunThe docuseries director not only shared that the reality of the jms The cult was ten times worse than shown on screen, but it was attended by JMS members.

There were many twists and turns during the production of the docuseries, but the frequent leaks of personal information were remembered by the production team as an overwhelming experience. He claimed that JMS members, aka evangelical-christian mission either providenceharassed, threatened and hacked, he and the victims who took part in the documentaries.

I keep a three-stage self-defense baton and a stun gun in my car. That’s never happened to me in 15 years as a producer.

—Director Cho Sung Hyun

Christian Gospel Mission also known as JMS | Official site of the Christian Gospel Mission

The series covers four cults in Korea, the first about JMS and his cult leader. Jeong Myeong Seok, who claims to be the Messiah. In an attempt to defend their leader and their religion, JMS members physically intervened with the cast and crew of In the name of God: a holy treasonThe production team of .

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In fact, at the beginning of the first episode, maple, a young Hong Kong victim, is seen being followed from Incheon Airport to her hotel once she has landed in Korea to report JMS. She continued to be watched from a car in front of her hotel.

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In an interview on radio mbcIt is Kim Chong Bae’s attentionDirector Cho Sung Hyun said that although he changed Maple’s flight ticket three times, JMS members would come to the airport and physically prevent him from boarding the plane and leaving Hong Kong.

Maple shows photos of JMS members at the airport | Netflix

He also shared a chilling moment of JMS members stalking a victim.

When we shot a victim, it was raining outside, so the victim looked out the window. Then she got a text message that said, “Are you looking out the window too? It’s raining.’ It was so scary.

– Cho Sung Hyun

There were even times when director Cho Sung Hyun suspected there was a JMS supporter on his production team. “In many situations I have wondered how this information was transmitted to the other party,” he said. “Once, when we were preparing for a video interview with an Australian victim, we received a text message saying “do not agree to the interview” five minutes before the start, as you know.

Text messages from JMS members to Maple asking him not to do the interview | Netflix

He also said information he shared while speaking to Maple in a previous interview was reflected in the defense’s review of Jeong Myeong Seok’s arrest warrant.

The director was suspicious of how the JMS members seemed to know what was going on with the production and tried various methods to find out who was divulging the information. even tried to reveal the wrong information and not share the details of the shooting, but found no culprit

I found myself in a situation where I doubted everyone.

– Cho Sung Hyun

| Netflix

However, production eventually ended and director Cho Sung Hyun thanked the 200 people he met during the production of the documentaries.

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He thanked the victims who attended and shared their testimonies in a vulnerable way and congratulated the pastor Kim Gyeong Cheonthe former vice president of JMS, for providing as much inside information as possible about the situation.

Pasteur Kim Gyeong Cheon | Netflix

He also thanked Professor Kim DohyungAnti-JMS activist, for playing “an important role in the JMS scheduling process.He added that many people are involved in the lawsuit against the cult leader.

Professor Kim Do Hyeong | Netflix

He ended by sending a message to those still active in JMS: “Silence changes nothing. Close your eyes and someone will still be exploiting you ten years from now. Ask yourself, “Is he really a Messiah?” When you hear your mind say no, it’s time to talk.”