“A ray of hope”: Was there really Miep Gies, who helps Anne Frank’s family?

“A ray of hope”: Was there really Miep Gies, who helps Anne Frank’s family?

In five days, on May 2nd, Disney+ will launch National Geographic’s miniseries “A Ray of Hope” on its platform. On April 4th, the trailer revealed its theme to us. It tells the story of Miep Gies, a WWII resistance fighter who notably hid the Anne Frank family.

The miniseries is therefore entirely inspired by the life of this modern-day heroine, who knew how to summon up her courage with both hands to resist in her own way a situation that she felt to be deeply unjust and cruel. This woman of extraordinary bravery was the father’s secretary d’Anne Frank, Otto Frank. Out of loyalty and rebellion, the young woman with her heart on her sleeve did not hesitate to help her boss’s family. Supported by her beloved husband Joe Cole, who was also recalcitrant, they both risked death if the Nazis got wind of this well-kept secret. The boys’ family Anne Frank, known worldwide for its newspaper, were not the only beneficiaries of their incredible goodwill. In fact, this couple came to the aid of three families to hide from the SS for two long years in the context of World War II.

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This eight-episode series therefore focuses on this characterful woman who deserves to be recognized for her heroic deeds even after her death. Because although the story d’Anne Frank toured the world and are still on everyone’s lips 80 years later when it comes to this terrible war, life and resistance Miep Gies are way too unknown… That’s the problem, that National Geographic I wanted to solve by getting people talking about it through this series. Her role will be played by young 31-year-old actress Bel Powley, who is making her first move from funny and romantic films to a serious role. She claims to want to best embody the charismatic Miep Gies.

The resistance fighter is also known for finding and publishing Anne Frank’s diary after her deportation, making this book the most important work of the period. Miep Gies was a strong woman of admirable courage who was recognized as Anne Frank’s “Righteous” Protector on May 6, 1977.

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