A new “Personal Style Analysis” is booming in Korea but is met with mixed reactions online

A new “Personal Style Analysis” is booming in Korea but is met with mixed reactions online

after this “freely selectable color” Boom in Korea: Categorize people into four seasons and 16 subgroups to choose the best hair, makeup, and clothing colors based on their skin tone “Metric tons”— Another personal test is in full swing: the “Body Style Analysis”.

Hyeri checks her personal color. | Hyeri0609/YouTube

The Korean “Body Style Analysis” developed and registered by the Korean Body Style Analysis Association (KBAA), classifies human bodies into three types: straight, wavy, and natural.

| Korean Body Style Analysis Association

According to KBAA are straight type bodies “thick, taut and heavy on top.” shaft bodies are “thin, supple and heavy.” are natural bodies “big bone, textured but not typically lush.”

Descriptions of each type are a little vague, but the KBAA website classifies some Korean celebrities into three types: Actress Kim Hye Soo how straight, fils you jin as wave type and Girls Generationit is yoona as a nature type.

Girls’ Generation’s Kim Hye Soo (left), Son Ye Jin (middle) and Yoona (right) | Wikitree and SEDaily & Insight

The KBAA claims that understanding personal body style will essentially help people look their best by emphasizing strong traits and masking insecurities and/or weaknesses.

KBAA analyzes the body types of Ha Ji Won (left) and Gong Hyo Jin (right). | @bodystyle.kr/Instagram

1. You will find out which models and materials are suitable for you.
You will be able to find the best design shapes and fabric textures for you.

2. You can learn which outfit styles suit you.
You can find the best outfit details like length, waist, etc. to you.

3. You can learn to do your own hair.
You can find the best styling tips for you.


As useful as the idea of ​​finding the best outfits might seem, the rise of body style analysis is eliciting mixed reactions online. While some believe the scan would benefit those who want to dress better, others believe it is detrimental to positive posture, self-love, and even female empowerment in general.

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| elqoo

  • “Damn! We don’t need any of this. And these people insult me analyze My partisanship.”
  • Why does everyone seem so obsessed with being beautiful? Just wear what you want and do whatever makeup you want folks.”
  • “I also saw them mixing and matching these guys. lol What is a naturally wavy outfit?
  • “Ugh, let’s take what we want. do what we love Who offers these tests and types? No wonder we’re all constantly analyzing each other’s skin tones and body shapes. Can we all just live, please?
  • “Yes… I wear whatever I want.” Make up? I don’t care if I’m hot or cold. Or which station am I in? I don’t care about my body type. I don’t even care about my MBTI. Isn’t it suffocating to be tied to the city by certain types and categories?

| elqoo

  • “Sigh.”
  • “Actually, it’s been very popular in Japan for a while. Please don’t take her to Korea… Shit. It used to bother me a lot to see Japanese people use it to analyze K-pop idols.
  • “I don’t understand, isn’t that basically a suggestion for more appropriate outfits?” Why is everyone so upset? Am I missing something? I mean, even the personal color… It’s a suggestion on how to accentuate the best features of the face. Isn’t that something? I live alone Consequence? The one where Jun Hyun Moo got help coordinating his outfits? »
  • “What a joke, seriously. Stop analyzing and evaluating people’s looks and bodies like we’re all cuts of meat in butcher shops.”
  • “It lets you know if you look good in a skirt or pants. If skirts work better for you, here’s whether an A-line or an H-line is better. It tells you what you really didn’t know about your body. It helps you with shopping. None of this is as negative as you all make it out to be.”
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In a separate note, some have criticized the KBAA and other bodystyle consultants for using celebrity photos and clips to push their agenda. One critic remarked, “K-pop idols don’t deserve to be someone’s wallet.”

| elqoo

  • “I love that each of his examples are women. lol… Sigh.
  • “I consider this type of content to be harmful AF. It’s all very well laid out… but not unlike those toxic YouTube channels. It’s about recognizing someone’s flaws. It’s so toxic. Do these people sometimes feel bad for trying to make money by making others feel bad?
  • “Why do you use Korean celebrities for your portfolios in these videos? I guarantee you these stars probably never gave their approval. For example, if they wanted to showcase their work, they should have hired models. Or they used their own body. At the very least, they should have made the celebrities unidentifiable. Absolutely immodest, I tell you.”
  • “Damned.”
  • “What is a structured body? lol I don’t understand at all.”
  • “Ugh, that’s A LOT. Likewise.”
  • “What in the female body makes people do this…? Let’s all wear what we want. Please?”
  • “Wow…who do you think you should analyze my body?” Everyone sit down.”
  • “Actually a damn joke.”
  • “But how rude? K-pop idols don’t deserve to be someone’s wallet.