A look back at Taeyang and Lisa’s dance challenge that went viral

A look back at Taeyang and Lisa’s dance challenge that went viral

Taeyang and Lisa’s song “Shoong” aroused great interest!

Taeyang’s recent release caught the attention of K-pop fans with its catchy sound and stunning choreography.

Taeyang Shoong

With the double tracks “SEED” and “Shoong”, the BIGBANG member officially returned to the K-pop scene as a solo singer.

While “SEED” immerses listeners in the ballad’s sweet melody and Taeyang’s narrative voice, “Shoong” (BLACKPINKs feat. Lisa) captivates fans’ eyes as well as ears. listeners with catchy lines and unique choreography.

Taeyang Shoong Lisa

Artists Taeyang and Lisa, who are also BIG BANG and BLACKPINK dancers respectively, perfectly showcased their hip-hop style on “Shoong.” The intense performance in the video quickly took the world by storm.

In particular, despite her short stature, Lisa left a deep impression on viewers when she presented herself in cargo pants, a cool top and a braided hairstyle. His dance moves were flawless, his rap and vocals were seamless, and his chemistry with Taeyang was just incredible.

Taeyang Shoong Lisa

To promote “Shoong,” Taeyang created the “Shoong Challenge” across all social media platforms so that fans can easily show how they dance to the song. The singer also invited many famous K-pop singers to join him in the challenge.

Jay Park was the first to collaborate with Taeyang on the Shoong Challenge and impressed everyone with his performance alongside singer Taeyang.

TXT’s Yeonjun has already made a name for himself among 4th generation idols with his impressive dance skills and captivating presence. When dancing alongside Taeyang, a second-generation senior known for his dances, Yeonjun still shines with his moves.

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Taeyang’s Shoong Challenge with Yeonjun is a perfect blend of Yeonjun’s youthful energy and Taeyang’s refined talent, leaving fans in awe.

Taeyang has also competed in the Shoong Challenge with a JYP idol, with none other than TWICE. Even though the hip-hop sound of “Shoong” doesn’t belong to TWICE’s music genre, Nayeon and Momo nailed the dance with their amazing skills. Then with Seventeen de Pledis.

No wonder TWICE has earned a reputation as one of the best third generation girl groups. What is impressive is the ability of the members to adapt to different styles.