A look at the K-Dramas He’s been watching Kpop News

A look at the K-Dramas He’s been watching Kpop News

After the appointment diorsThe new global ambassador of , btsit is jimin recently entered the fashion world during Paris Fashion Week.

Before her Paris Fashion Week debut, she graced the cover of West Koreadressed in Dior as he graced the pages of the coveted fashion magazine.

Jimin from BTS for “W Korea” | @jm/Instagram

While on set for his photo shoot, BTS ARMY’s Jimin shared what he was up to. Jimin has been hard at work on his upcoming solo album since BTS announced they would be focusing on their individual pursuits while the members complete their mandatory military service.

So far BTS Jin, WaitOui IRM launched the solo releases of BTS, each releasing works that have their own unique charm and showcase their individual talents.

(L to R) J-Hope, Jin and RM from BTS

Jimin gave West Korea an indication of what to expect from his first solo album and shares that it is a reflection of his experiences over the past two years.

It’s just an album that reflects the emotions and thoughts I’ve been feeling over the past two years. An album to remember? It would be nice if you thought like that…

— Jimin

In her free time, like many fans, she catches up on movies and the latest K-Dramas. If you’re looking for the next show to start with, Jimin has a few to add to your watchlist.

| @jm/Instagram

Jimin recently finished watching rich reborn, which began as the K-drama craze grew. The popular series with the actor Chanson Joong Ki reached an all-time high in viewership on the show’s 14th episode, garnering 24.9% viewership nationally.

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Affiche “Reborn Rich”

You are watching the new K-Drama. thick hairwhich is available Disney+ Oui Hello in selected regions.

The drama follows the title character as she builds a thriving casino business in the Philippines before being charged with murder.

Promotional poster for “The Big Short”

Finally, Jimin named his favorite movie of all time, the 2004 Hollywood romance film. NotebookProtagonized by Ryan Goslin Oui Rachel McAdams.

While this isn’t a new recommendation from the BTS member, it’s definitely a classic.

Promotional poster for “El Cuaderno”

Now, while waiting for Jimin’s solo album, ARMY has a list of things to check out to while away the time.

For more information on Jimin’s debut as a Dior Ambassador, see the article below.

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