A Look at Joy’s ‘Red Velvet’ Beauty Secret

A Look at Joy’s ‘Red Velvet’ Beauty Secret

Park Soo Young or Joy is a member of Red Velvet who is known to have an impressive voice and is full of talent. The reason is, apart from being a singer, he also entered the world of acting. Cheers with the members of Red Velvet getting a cameo in the show Descendant of The Sun (2016), and debuted as a main character in it Liar And His Lover (2017).

When on stage or on the small screen, Joy’s appearance often draws attention, because of her skin bright and fit his body. So, what is the secret of the beauty of the theme of drama? Once Upon a Small Town this? Come, listen, Bela!

1. Active in sports

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When asked about how Joy is always amazing by host Park Myung Soo on KBS Cool FM G-Park’s Radio Show. Joy said she really likes sports.

I was born normal, but I always tried to fit in. I exercise regularly, like doing Pilateshe said.

Not only Pilates, Joy also does aerial yoga to relax, strengthen muscles and increase physical strength.

2. Eating Healthy Food

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When you are a guest Happy Together 4, Joy agrees that it is very important to eat healthy food to maintain health. So, Joy regularly drinks milk or juice from fermented herbs.

“It was originally developed for cancer patients. However, I also consume it to reduce inflammationhe said.

3. Facial treatment

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On her 26th birthday, Joy shared her daily routine through Red Velvet’s YouTube channel. Joy usually has a list skin care Many nights, being tired, he made a list of things skin care.

At first, Joy was erased makeup with a brush. In fact, he did not recommend it, because it will make the skin soft. Joy suggested wearing it water for purification and cotton.

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Next, Joy cleaned again makeupstimulate pink vita deep cleansing balm from athe he rubbed his face. Then, work the emulsion by giving water to the palms and spreading it to the face.

She washed her face with happiness washing foam from brand one. Finally, lotion should be applied to keep his face moist until it reaches the maximum.

This is the beauty secret of Joy Red Velvet. I’m interested in trying it, Bela?