A list of 5 Caucasians who made mistakes in Indonesia’s tourist attractions

A list of 5 Caucasians who made mistakes in Indonesia’s tourist attractions


Indonesia, which is rich in natural beauty, is one of the places to go tourism interesting to visit. Many foreign tourists want to discover the beauty of Indonesia.

Of course, foreign tourists or para the stranger must follow the laws that apply to the area visited. However, some foreign tourists do not do this, especially during vacations to tourist destinations that are considered holy and sacred.

In fact, foreign tourists or Caucasians actually behave rudely and disrespectfully when visiting tourist attractions in Indonesia. In fact, Caucasians have also shown these commendable actions on social media.

Some of them were even expelled from foreign countries, because they were seen to have broken the law, tradition, and rules. Recently, a foreign or Caucasian tourist took part in a viral photo that shows the bad act of urinating on Mount Bromo in East Java, which is a sacred area.

Collected from various sources, here are 5 Caucasians who expressed anger when they visited resorts in Indonesia.

1. Pictures of nudity on the holy tree

It was a viral photo or video on social media of Caucasians from Russia who were naked on a sacred tree in the sanctuary of Babakan Temple, Tua Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency, Bali.

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The stranger Alina Fazleeva was fired by the Bali Immigration Service for being unethical and disrespecting the law and customs of the community. It was confirmed that she and her husband violated the provisions of Article 75 paragraph (1) of Law 6, 2011, regarding immigration.

Alina Fazleeva photographed the nudity at the holy site of Pura Babakan on May 1, 2022. Her husband, Andrei Fazleev, was involved in taking the photo. This photo was uploaded on Alina’s Instagram account. The uploads have received criticism from Balinese people. In addition to being deported, they were also banned from entering Bali.

2. Dancing naked on a sacred rock

The performance of a Caucasian man from Canada, Jeffrey Douglas Craigen, who performed a Maori dance on Mount Batur, was criticized by Balinese people who believe in the mountain as a sacred place last April.

The dance she performed naked on the northern peak of Mount Batur, Kintamani, Bangli, Bali, was recorded by herself and posted on the Instagram social network, @mind_body_healer. He used to refine some parts of his body.

After being questioned by the Immigration Service, Jeffrey admitted that he danced naked on top of Batur about a week ago. Jeffrey was then arrested by immigration authorities and deported.

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