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A holy treason” • Kpopnews

One of the cults shown in NetflixIt is In the name of God: a holy treason asked for an injunction to ban her episodes from airing.

In the name of God: a holy treason is a documentary series highlighting four cult leaders in Korea who claimed to be the Messiah and exploited their followers by sexually harassing, manipulating, attacking and threatening them.

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Episodes 5 and 6 of the series shown Aga Dongsana sect led by Kim Ki Coming Soon. Kim Ki Soon called himself “But “, which means “baby” in Korean, and referred to himself as a sinless baby. The cult leader bought land and set up a “farm” she called Aga Dongsan, where she made cult members work day and night, treating them like slaves.

The episodes also revealed that she created celibacy laws that everyone had to follow, everyone but her. She regularly attacked young handsome boys in the cult who thought God bless them and didn’t talk. Furthermore, anyone who flouted its laws was severely punished or even murdered.

Kim Ki Soon and her followers do a ritual | CMB

On March 13, a Netflix official stated: “Aga Dongsan has applied to the Seoul Central District Court for a temporary broadcast ban.“Kim Ki Soon and his followers felt that the docuseries spread false information and hurt Kim Ki Soon’s personality and demanded that the episodes be deleted — or KRW 10.0 million (about US$7,570) in compensation per day, when the broadcast resumes.

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This isn’t the first time the show has had to be shut down. The JMS cult sought an injunction to ban their episodes from airing in the docuseries, but was denied.

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At a previous press conference, Cho Sung Hyun, the director of In the name of God: a holy treason, predicted that something like this would happen: “I think there will be another request for an injunction against testing.”

Director Cho Sung Hyun | Netflix

He also said he hopes people would watch the episodes as soon as possible if they were deleted.

I hope you watch it now, even if it’s hard to see because the show may get deleted. You can see how scary gas lighting and cult religions are.

Source: SPOTV News and Top Star News