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a holy treason” • Kpopnews

Netflixthe latest documentation In the name of God: a holy treason, horrified onlookers at the horrific acts committed by Korean church cult leaders.

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The series documents the stories of four leaders, including Jung Myung Seok and the Aga Dongsan church worship leader, Kim Ki Bald.

Kim Ki Soon, Executive Chef at Dongsan Aga. | Netflix

Founded in 1982, the sect was a religious community of collective farms and factories in Gyeonggi Province, Korea. Kim Ki Soon set herself up as the head of the sect and called herself a baby, which she believed made her sinless.

The documentaries interviewed several people involved in the cult, including the mother of Choi Nak Gwi, the seven-year-old child who was beaten to death after being tied with a pigtail. The child’s aunt confessed to being involved in the beatings that led to his death.

Nak Gwi, victim of the Aga Dongsan cult. | Netflix

The investigation made international headlines when this was discovered Synnara recording owned and operated by the sect. Synnara Record was the largest album distributor in Korea at the time, partly because of its low prices, which many news sources believe are due to cult members working for free.

Cult members also worked on farms for little or no wages.

Ultimately, a total of three murder charges were brought against the cult leader, but these were dismissed after a lack of evidence was found, including Nak Gwi’s mother who testified that her son died of a heart attack.

Nak Gwi’s mother admitted to lying during the documentaries about her son’s death. | Netflix

Kim Ki Soon was sentenced to prison and fined KRW 5.60 billion (about US$4.53 million) for tax evasion, embezzlement and exploitation.

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When this should have been the end of Aga Dongsan, K-pop fans discovered that Kim Ki Soon would be the chairman of Synnara Record, with several cult members holding higher positions in the company.

Aga Dongsan’s alleged former secretary, Shin Ok Heeis listed as CEO of Synnara Records on the album distribution website.

Since the docuseries’ debut, K-pop fans have expressed shock at the actions of the cult, which Synnara Records is believed to still be associated with.

Source: Billboard and KoreaJoongAngDaily