A disfigured Chinese woman’s ‘fairy friend’ goes viral

A disfigured Chinese woman’s ‘fairy friend’ goes viral

Many say that a sign of true love isn’t asking yourself what you want from them, but realizing that you would do anything for them.

A man in China has gone viral for taking this idea to heart and going to great lengths to care for his badly burned girlfriend.


2017 a young woman with the surname Tian from a city in southeast China’s Jiangxi Province, was cremated while taking care of her uncle’s children. The fire burned 90% of his body.

At the time of her injuries, Tian and her boyfriend were yinThey had only been together for a month. To her surprise, Yin decided to stay and take care of her instead of abandoning her.


In the seven years the couple has been together, Tian has undergone thirteen surgeries and spent more than $145,000 in medical bills.

Her parents sold their belongings and took out bank loans to cover their salaries, but only got part of it. Tian also said Yin went into debt to help her keep up with treatments.

In addition to financial support, Yin Tian also gives daily massages, administers her medicines, and cooks meals in addition to her work schedule.

According to the news source that originally reported this story, Yin’s reasoning for not getting married proves that he truly loves Tian and has no other thoughts than Tian.

Everyone only marries once and I hope she marries beautifully.

— Yin

Tian also shared that she wanted to wait until she “More perfect” Before marriage. Netizens called Yin a “fairy friend” for all the care he has shown Yin over the years!

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