A complicated mind, when should you see a psychologist?

A complicated mind, when should you see a psychologist?

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Mental health cannot be ignored. If your soul is not healthy, problem health others may appear.

Sure, the time worry, different diseases can also come. Not infrequently the following diseases can be life-threatening.

Anxiety, depression, or even other mental problems like bipolar to schizophrenia can be experienced by anyone. When you feel something is wrong with yourself, it’s okay to start asking for help.

So, when should you visit a psychologist or psychiatrist?

Psychologist from the University of Indonesia, Rose Mini Agoes Salim said that going to a psychologist or psychiatrist requires a lot of self-awareness and encouragement. Because, the result will be different if a person comes to the psychologist forcefully.

“For what it is, the medicine does what it is recommended. We [psikolog] It is a prescription drug, there are no drugs like if you have a fever or other physical diseases,” said Rose when you were contacted CNNIndonesia.comMonday (21/11).

The best time to visit a psychologist, according to Rose, is when you can’t take yourself. It is often characterized by confusion and a lack of faith in others. In this case, you don’t believe that someone can keep a secret and make you feel at ease.

“For example, you can’t tell your parents because you’ll be judged differently, you can’t tell your friends because you’re afraid it will spill, however, when you want to talk, but you’re confused about who . trust,” Rose said.

Not only that, you can go to a psychologist when you need help in terms of counseling and relaxation. When you are feeling very depressed and no one is there to help you, seeing a psychologist can be very helpful.

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Example. Coming to a psychologist must be done with self-awareness. (Istock/KatarzynaBialasiewicz)

However, Rose admits, psychologists are not the only way to heal troubled minds. Because in reality, everything comes back to you.

If you have been to a psychologist but you have not implemented all the recommendations. then the result will be in vain.

“So you have to be careful, the point is, whenever you are ready to go to a psychiatrist, please come,” he said.

The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist

Are you confused about who to go to, a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

Basically, both positions are equally helpful for someone with mental health problems. However, the two have differences.

Psychiatrists are medical professionals who focus on therapy and counseling, Rose said. They also have medical experience and can prescribe medicine.

While psychologists are more concerned with counseling services and other non-medical support. A psychologist can only provide counseling services and may not prescribe medication.

“Psychologists only give medicine, give advice, listen to the air of patients. Currently, psychologists can diagnose, give drugs and other medical procedures because they have received this training,” said Rose.