A behind-the-scenes secret from the scene in The Glory where actor Jung Sung Il takes off his shoes is revealed

A behind-the-scenes secret from the scene in The Glory where actor Jung Sung Il takes off his shoes is revealed

In a recent interview, the actor Jung Sung Ilwho blew the world away with his charismatic performance NetflixHit K drama Famerevealed a secret behind a critical scene.

Teaser photo of Part 2 of The Glory | Netflix

Jung Sung He appeared JTBC press roomthe same program where others Fame actress Lim Ji Yeon Surprised fans by sharing the weather like her character Park Yeon Jin.

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In the interview, Jung Sung Il shared his personal life and career goals to play characters with different styles. He even revealed that while reading Fame Storyline He originally wanted to play the role of Jeon Jae Jun.

Jung Sung Il in the JTBC Newsroom | @ygmicael/Instagram

Additionally, Jung Sung Il discussed an essential scene in Fame-when he moves the protagonist’s heart by taking off his shoes before entering his house. This scene says a lot about Jung Sung Il’s character Ha Do Young and shows his respect for the protagonist Moon Dong Eun (played by Chanson hye kyo), who had not received an ounce of love or respect since childhood.

Although the house was small and empty, Ha Do Young politely removed her shoes before entering. It’s a contrast to the scene where villain and aggressor Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) barges in with shoes on and even stubs out his cigarette on the floor.

While discussing this scene, the actor shared that the shoes he wore in the scene were not from the costume department but from his own shoes. In fact, these are the shoes his mother-in-law gave him when he married his wife.

It was a gift from my wedding, so I always wanted to wear it in a meaningful scene. There happened to be a scene in there Fame this shows a closeup of my shoes so i told them and used my shoes. My mother-in-law liked it very much and today she is very happy.

This scene was meaningful to the audience and Moon Dong Eun, and it’s even more special now to know that Jung Sung Il thought it was meaningful too, so much so that he carried the precious gift of his loving family.

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Handsome both inside and out, Jung Sung Il never ceases to amaze us – from a hot musical performer to a loving and supportive son-in-law – and we can’t wait to see more of his efforts in his acting career.