A beautiful and unique combo A la Dear Me Beauty

A beautiful and unique combo A la Dear Me Beauty

After achieving success with the launch of two product collections skin care or cosmetics with the famous fast food brand, Dear Me Beauty is proud to re-introduce the last collection An exciting collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) through three new exclusive beauty products in the Beauty Package, namely the 30 Second Meltaway Balm Papaya, the Secret Recipe Face Palette, and the 12hr Long Lasting Lip Tint.

The three products presented are: limited collection which will be the closing of the partnership between Dear Me Beauty and KFC. Introducing the rule good for everyoneDear Me Beauty and KFC also inspired everyone to dare to set new standards of beauty regardless of gender or race through the campaign #kamuJagonya and #SettingTheNewStandard which was finally confirmed in this cooperation follows.

Available in attractive and colorful designs, these three products are ready to become the target of every KFC lover and fan. pretty interested from there.

A beautiful and unique combo A la Dear Me Beauty Popbela.com/Dear Me Beauty

It effectively washes away dead skin cells gently and thoroughly, 30 Seconds Meltaway Papaya Balm provides it. Peanut Exfoliating Enzyme to increase skin health and freshness.

Not only that, product skin care This is also very convenient to remove makeup equal. In particular, the 30 second Meltaway Balm Papaya is also formulated with Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean Clean Zero so that it can clean the pores to a deeper layer and does not cause acne.

A beautiful and unique combo A la Dear Me Beauty Popbela.com/Dear Me Beauty

Secret Recipe Face Palette is definitely not a little interesting. Inspired by the eleven items selected to create the legendary secret recipe from KFC, this product comes in a range of eleven attractive shades with a soft texture. Color variations very pigmented yesThis is definitely worth mixing and matching to shade the eye area and cheekbones on the face.

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Interesting, useful Face palette on the face it feels light and durable and provides look which makes you more courageous. Anyone who is always full of passion to be creative and try product skills makeup different, then the Secret Recipe Face Palette is the right answer.

A beautiful and unique combo A la Dear Me Beauty Popbela.com/Dear Me Beauty

Don’t miss it, KFC lovers and friends pretty interested It is also damaged by the presence of the product lip tint which lasts without touch from Dear Me Beauty and KFC collaboration this time. 12hr Long Lasting Lip Tint with high pigment content, this product comes in different colors inspired by the KFC menu, namely Juicy Tomato (fresh red), Pop Berry (pink red), Spicy Chilli ( red orange), and Hot Paprika (maroon) which makes the lips more sticky surgical.

True to her name. lip tint This can last up to 12 hours and can leave your lips feeling really moist because it contains Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E same to you Jojoba Oil.

A beautiful Combo A la Dear Me Beauty that is interesting and unique Popbela.com/Dear Me Beauty

These three interesting and collectible beauty products are available at your favorite e-commerce sites, The price difference for each of the three products include, 30 Seconds Meltaway Balm Papaya 100 grams at the price of Rp. 149,000, Secret Glass 15 Gram with Price Rp. 149,000, and 12hrs Long Lasting Lip Tint 35 ml for Rp. 99,000. Come and fill the whole collection!

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