’98 Liners’ VIVIZ SinB, Seungkwan, Chanwoo Mourn Loss of Best Friend ASTRO Moonbin – Kpopnews

’98 Liners’ VIVIZ SinB, Seungkwan, Chanwoo Mourn Loss of Best Friend ASTRO Moonbin – Kpopnews

Taking to Instagram, 98 stunt doubles VIVIZ SinB, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and iKON Chanwoo expressed their sadness over the passing of ASTRO Moonbin. Not only were they born in the same year, but all four have been best friends for over 18 years.

VIVIZ SinB & SEVENTEEN Seungkwan Suivez Instagram de feu ASTRO Moonbin

A day before the funeral of the late ASTRO Moonbin, the mourning continues in the music industry.

(Photo: 98z (@mocnbi | @kispukis Twitter))

Especially the “98 understudy teamA group of K-pop idols born in 1998 are attracting attention as they were reportedly closest to Moonbin before his death.

Fans looked at them and thought they must have had a hard time hearing the news of ASTRO Moonbin’s death.

On April 21, SinB, Moonbin’s BFF, expressed her desire for the star by following her personal Instagram. While initially she only had her former GFriend members on her followers list, she seems to have added her account in memory of him.

SinB Moonbin

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Not only were SinB and Moonbin both born in 1998, but they have known each other since they were eight years old, having grown up in the same hometown of Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

SinB Moonbin Chanwoo
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(Photo: Twitter)

Moonbin, Chanwoo, SinB

From dancing together to being role models, they continued their friendship by participating in entertainment activities alongside GFRIEND and ASTRO. Many K-Pop fans cheered and envied their true relationship.

SEVENTEEN Boo Seungkwan, also Moonbin’s best friend, expressed his longing for the late idol by visiting and following his Instagram.

Both members of the 1998 understudy team, the pair have been open about their closeness on various shows and interviews.

In an interview, Moonbin even expressed his love for Seungkwan by thanking him for being able to perform and hang out in so many places. Even though he didn’t like going out much due to Team Seungkwan’s “social butterfly”.

iKON Chanwoo wishes Late Moonbin luck

Along with SinB and Seungkwan, iKON Chanwoo also mourns the idol’s death by expressing his condolences with a Instagram story.

He wrote:

“Bin-ah, don’t get sick there and stay happy.”

At the same time, Chanwoo recalled their friendship by posting a photo from their childhood. Not only have the two worked together as child actors, their parents are also friends.

In 2006, the two appeared in TVXQ’s “Balloon MV” in which Moonbin played “Litte Yunho” while Chanwoo played “Mini Changmin”.

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In 2009, the two also appeared as child actors in KBS2’s drama Boys Over Flowers. Moonbin played the role of actor Kim Bum’s child and Jung Chanwoo played the role of actor Lee Minho’s child.

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