9 Recommendations for Banjarmasin’s Favorite Banjarmasin Tourism

9 Recommendations for Banjarmasin’s Favorite Banjarmasin Tourism


The typical Banjarmasin souvenirs that you can take home are very diverse, ranging from everyday snacks to unique handicrafts such as skullcaps and batik sasirangan.

Banjarmasin is one of the largest cities in South Kalimantan. This city used to be the capital of South Kalimantan province from 1956-2022, and now it has been replaced by the city of Banjarbaru.

Besides being the largest city in South Kalimantan, Banjarmasin is also known to tourists as the city of a thousand rivers. Because there are many rivers that pass through this city.

Specially, in this city there is a floating market which has always been a place of entertainment. This market is different from the general market because it is on a small boat floating on the river bank.

Hand Banjarmasin Souvenirs

Kerupuk Kemplang Palembang.  A famous fish from Palembang, South Sumatra.  Mackerel and tapioca paste is shaped into a thick disk.  The dry is placed in a clay pot and it is arranged among the other dry.Example. Recommended souvenirs of Banjarmasin (Photo: iStockphoto/MielPhotos2008)

If you are in Banjarmasin, don’t miss to buy some daily souvenirs.

1. Fish amplang

One of the most popular and memorable things to do when visiting Banjarmasin is fishing.

Amplang fish is a daily snack made from processed mackerel fish. This dish is round and flat with a sweet and sour taste.

You must buy this daily souvenir when you visit Banjarmasin, and you can buy it at the Banjarmasin souvenir center.

2. Dodol Kandangan

Dodol is a traditional food that can be found in different regions in Indonesia. However, dodol in each region has a different taste.

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Same thing with the Kandangan monster. This South Kalimantan dodol has a unique taste, even though it is made with the same ingredients, namely rice flour and palm sugar.

Dodol durian is the best variation of dodol Kandangan and this is the most popular tourist attraction. The halal taste and unique aroma of durian fruit is the perfect combination.

3. Indian layer cake

Indian layer cake is one of the cakes made in Banjarmasin city. At first this cake looks like a whole layer cake.

However, depending on the taste, of course this layer cake is different. Because, the type of material and the way of processing this cake is different from the common one.

In particular, the design of this cake is said to have originated from the curved and wavy shape of the cake. If you are in the city of Banjarmasin, try this one cake.

4. Look down

After that there is a range of cakes. This typical Banjarmasin dish is made from coconut pulp mixed with sago flour.

This cake has a sweet and savory taste, with a dry texture on the outside and melty on the inside. This cake is good when enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

At first this cake could be found during traditional times and important days such as Lebaran, but now Rangai Cake is easy to find because it is already sold in the market to take home.

Other daily Banjarmasin memories, continue on page two…

Recommendations for Banjarmasin Souvenirs


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