9+ Moments Bang Chan from Stray Kids proved he’s the perfect gentleman

9+ Moments Bang Chan from Stray Kids proved he’s the perfect gentleman

stray kidshit chan He is known for his powerful visual effects and incredible musical skills, as well as his caring personality.

Stray Kids Bang Chan

Bang Chan often goes viral just for being himself and proving he really is a gentleman. Here are 7+ moments Bang Chan proved he’s the perfect gentleman!

1. This viral moment at the airport

Bang Chan recently went viral for this cute moment at the airport. After a moment of crowding caused by the fans, Bang Chan instructed the staff member to go first to help him get out of the situation faster!

2. Help your members

Bang Chan is always there to help those in need!

3. Tell fans they can be seated.

Gentleman Bang Chan tried to tell fans that they could sit down instead of standing throughout the show, although fans refused.


Bang Chan is a gentleman but it happened… his reaction SEND me 😆 #straykids #bangchan #kpopconcert #fyp

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4. Help the employees

Bang Chan rushed to open the door for this employee, who was carrying something heavy, and helped her carry him inside.

5. Those video call moments

Bang Chan is always so nice to the fans!

6. Turn on the fans to STAY during a concert.

Bang Chan went viral for his actions during Stray Kids insane Around the world stop in Jakarta. When a fan passed out, Bang Chan jumped into action immediately, turning the fans positioned on the stage towards the crowd to help air circulation.

7. Take fans on dates

One thing Bang Chan does a lot is go on “movie dates” with STAYs over Dear. U Bubble sends messages and he’s always the perfect dating gentleman! Bang Chan even took his fans on a “date” on Valentine’s Day, baking chocolates and a rose!

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