9 ‘Legal’ Food Names Dictionary Entry: Banh Mi

9 ‘Legal’ Food Names Dictionary Entry: Banh Mi


This month, the Merriam-Webster dictionary contains hundreds of new words. A total of 9 related words food from omakase to pumpkin spice.

New words that enter Merriam-Webster’s dictionary are actually words that have been around for a long time but are not yet ‘legal.’

“When many people use the word in the same way, in a long time, the word deserves to be included. Food names from all over the world become familiar to us through menus, recipes and cooking methods,” says Merriam-Webster in it. An announcement as reported by the South China Morning Post.

Here are the new words added to the dictionary and their meanings according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

1. Omakase

The word ‘omakase’ literally means ‘I’ll leave it to you’. In the dictionary, omakase means:

“A small dish (such as sushi) served at a fixed price and the choice of which is left to the chef.”

2. Don’t give me

Banh mi is a famous dish from Vietnam where ‘bahn’ means cake or pastry while ‘mi’ means wheat. If you look at the dictionary, banh mi means:

“A typical spicy sandwich in Vietnamese cuisine consisting of a split baguette usually stuffed with meat (pork or chicken) and pickled vegetables (carrots and daikon) and garnished with coriander and often cucumber.”

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3. Monkey

Birria is known as a dish from Jalisco, Mexico that is served warm. Its red color comes from a mixture of red peppers. The dictionary simplifies the definition of birria to:

“Mexican style of stewed meat that’s best served with chili.”

4. Ras el Hanout

The Merriam-Webster dictionary derives the word ras el hanout from the Arabic word ra’s al-hanut which means a mixture of selected spices. Then ras el hanout is defined as follows:

“The North African spice mix includes but is not limited to coriander, ginger, turmeric, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom and cayenne pepper.”

5. Mojo

In the dictionary, mojo means “olive oil, garlic, citrus-based sauce or spices and seasonings.”

6. Pumpkin spice

One of the largest coffee shop chains in the world always offers a pumpkin spice menu as a menu to welcome the changing seasons. This invention is the most profitable beverage invention because it sold up to 424 million cups in 2019.

The word pumpkin has also been added to the dictionary, which describes it as “a mixture usually of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and often allspice (such as pepper, a mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves) is usually used. them in pumpkin pies.”

7. Oat milk

Oat milk or oat milk is often used as an alternative to cow’s milk. As the popularity of dairy products increases, oat milk is becoming more and more popular.

The dictionary defines oat milk as “a liquid made from grains and water that is often fortified (such as calcium and vitamins) and used as a substitute for milk.”

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8. Plant roots

Plant root or in Indonesia refers to plant root defined as “made or obtained from plants; two: containing most or all food (such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, oil and seeds) from plants.”

9. Sit down

Generally, independent is included in the terms surrounding alcohol. Sessionable refers to a drink with a light ‘body’ and “low-alcohol length.”


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