9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyles

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyles

Choosing long hair or short hair is sometimes confusing. You have to consider a lot of things so that you don’t regret choosing a hairstyle.

Not girls who prefer short hair more than long hair. The reason is, because short hair is more convenient and easy to maintain.

However, short hairstyles that are not suitable can make overweight women look perfect.

So, you need to know short hairstyles for fat women to look skinny the following. Come on, check out the reviews!

1. Shaggy Brunette Bob for Round Faces

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyleshadviser.com

The first short hairstyle for fat women to look thin is Shaggy Brunette Bob for Round Faces. This hairstyle is made with a combination of products Bob same to you shaggy

This product is suitable for those of you who have a fat body because it can hide the chin and cheek areas. Cheek that chubby They can also be changed by one Shaggy Brunette Bob for Round Faces.

2. Short tight bob with curtain bangs

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstylestherighthairstyles.com

The next cut to make you slim is Short bob with curtain bangs. This cut model is made with a short asymmetrical bob with bangs that are made like curtains.

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This cut is suitable for those of you who have a fat body and thin hair. Because, this short haircut will shape your face and make you look feminine and young.

3. Stranger Things and Balayage Bob

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyleshadviser.com

Stranger Things and Balayage Bob It is a short hairstyle for fat women to make the skin look forward. This cut uses two hair colors to make it disaster.

Balayage It’s a hair dye technique that can make it look great shine naturally. With shine With this, the round face will be distorted and it will make you look slimmer.

4. Shoulder length cut

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstylesoutfittrends.b-cdn.net

Bad cut It’s a straight haircut that he doesn’t seem to have layer at all. If you want to make your face slimmer, you can try this shoulder length haircut.

Shoulder-length cut it can hide the cheek area chubby and a broad forehead. In this way, the face becomes less depressed and lighter and therefore more beautiful.

This method of hair care is also very simple, it is enough to comb it when it is a little soft, and then fix your hair again.

5. Play with Short Wavy Hair

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstylesstylesatlife.com

The next fat model of short hair for a woman to look at the skin is Play with Short Wavy Hair comic. This is a combination of pieces Bob short curvy.

With this cut, the face not only looks sad, but also looks younger. If you want to look more happy with bangs, this cut is worth considering.

6. Short Bob

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyleslovehairstyles.com

One of the problems that overweight women face is double chin. Well, to hide this, you can choose a hairstyle Short Bob.

This product can hide both cheeks and chin chubby because it suits you. Not only that, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and style so it does not require much time to maintain.

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7. Classic Bob with Bangs

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyleshair salon.com

Still with the cut type Bobshort haircuts for fat woman next to skin Classic Bob with Bangs. This haircut will make the face look longer in a way that will hide the fat face.

The side of the hair and bangs in this cut can make part of the face covered. Therefore, this cut is suitable for people with cheekbones chubby and round face.

8. Asymmetrical Pixie

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstylesfashionhombre.com

Change from bob hairstyle, model Asymmetrical Pixie this can also be your choice. This cut has layers of hair that are cut unevenly.

Asymmetrical Pixie suitable for round faces to reveal more eye catching and interesting. You can use this hair to go to parties or other events and make an impact chic modern.

9. Bob for Thin Hair

9 Fat Girl Short Hairstyle Secret Lookwetelyouhow.com

The ultimate short hairstyle for fat woman to be skinny Bob for Thin Hair. This product addresses the concerns of those of you with thinning hair.

To give volume to your hair without making your face fat, you can use the ombre technique that is dark at the roots and then light at the ends.

With a hair color that seems to be lost, your appearance will be interesting and amazing.

Well, the 9 short hairstyles for fat women to look skinny above could be your reference to choose the right model. You don’t have to worry about looking perfect with a short haircut.

Good luck, Bela!

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