9 characteristics of people who envy you, they can be kind and caring!

9 characteristics of people who envy you, they can be kind and caring!

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Not sure why other people ignore you, talk down to you, or always talk about you when you share your accomplishments? There is a possibility that the person is jealous of you.

Jealousy is easily recognized. Most of the time, it’s all about when someone gives a negative feedback. But sometimes, it’s hard to understand, especially when someone is good at hiding jealousy behind a friendly facade.

It is said that people who suffer from jealousy are those who have personal issues such as insecurity, low self-esteem, and anger. And if it gets out of hand, it can become a toxic behavior. If you want to prevent it from affecting your life, understanding if people are jealous of you can really help. What are the symptoms? Come on, check out more below.

1. Shower yourself with praise

They will never tell you they are jealous. When good things happen to you, they show a lot of support and give you compliments that are not true. But once they’re clear, they say bad things about you about how you’re not good enough.

Watch out for people who pause to congratulate you or clap loudly when something great happens to you, and those who only praise you when everyone else is around.

2. Copy Yourself

While psychologists believe that copying behavior is a sign of attraction to another person and a sign of resentment, this is not always the case for jealous people. People who are jealous of you try to imitate your behavior and style, like the way you dress, walk, work, and even the way you talk.

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At first, you may feel bad. But the more you realize it, the more frustrating it becomes. Jealous people don’t want to buy a phone that looks like yours to make fun of you, they are trying to get ahead.