9 Benefits of Cactus Plants in the House

9 Benefits of Cactus Plants in the House


Cactus is one of people’s favorite plants because it does not need frequent watering and is easy to care for. In addition, the shape is also good so it should be ornamental plants at home.

But apparently, there are still many benefits of plants Cactus for home. Starting from the benefits of indoor plants to the benefits of cacti for the environment.

You should consider these different benefits to start caring for cactus plants at home. These are the benefits of cactus plants when placed indoors, which are compiled from different sources.

1. Cactus as an ornamental plant

As decorative plants, cactus plants can add beauty to your home and environment. Although thorny, in fact there are many types of cacti with unique shapes.

In fact, some of them are not only in the same thick form, but they eat and have beautiful flowers.

Also, taking care of cactus is very easy. You don’t need to water it often, but the cactus will grow very large.

2. Clean the air

Potted column three Cereus Repandus Peruvianus Peruvian Apple Cactus house plant in front of a dark wall.Example. One of the benefits of having a cactus indoors is that it helps clean the air. (Photo: iStockphoto/Firn)

Cactus has the advantage of purifying the air when placed indoors. Cacti can absorb pollutants or carbon compounds (volatile organic compounds/VOC) in the air that can affect human health.

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Not only cleaning the air, the cactus can also remove harmful toxins, for example from cigarette smoke that sticks to the carpet or sofa.

3. Reduce radiation

The use of cactus plants for the future home is to reduce the effects of light from electromagnetic waves.electric fields/EMF).

According to research conducted by NASA, cacti can absorb EMF radiation from devices, such as computer screens and laptops, cell phones (Hp), to televisions.

When the radiation is reduced, the human health in the room will be better. For example, reducing the risk of headaches, eye strain, insomnia, and extreme fatigue.

4. Benefits

The prickly pear cactus is close to the red, scaly fruit.Pear cactus can be eaten cooked or raw. (Photo: AYSI Skincare Archives)

Many types of cactus can be eaten, such as Nopales or prickly pear cactus.

Nopales padding tastes like green beans when cooked. While the cactus fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. They are often made into jams, jellies, and candies.

No less popular are the dragons’ children. Fruits that have a high water content are a type of fruit produced from the cactus plant.

5. Prevent illness and speed recovery

The use of cactus plants for the home is the prevention of airborne diseases, such as the flu virus. Because, cactus is active as an air purifier, including bacteria.

Cactus is also known as a plant that can trap pollutants and bacteria, thus helping to prevent diseases. But if you are already sick, the presence of cactus can heal you quickly.

Research in the United States has shown that patients who are treated in rooms with plants need less painkillers and antidepressants. This way, you can recover faster.

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6. Take care of mental health

You may not know that keeping a cactus at home can take care of your mental health.

Cactus farming activities can make you happy. Because, how to take care of it is easy, but you can still be satisfied to take care of it.

Well, this satisfaction can improve mood and relieve stress. This has a positive effect on your mental health.

7. Keep calm

The advantage of cactus plants for small houses is that they can take care of many residents.

The reason is that the presence of cacti adds to the beauty of the house and the room, so it stimulates the mind. When attention is maintained, productivity can also increase.

8. Improve sleep quality

Cacti absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Of course, this is beneficial for human breathing, especially when he sleeps at night.

With enough oxygen, sleep will be more effective. When you wake up, you may feel more relaxed than usual.

These are some of the benefits of cactus plants for the home. What advantages attracted you to grow cacti immediately at home? I hope this helps.

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