9 bad habits that are often practiced, too much coffee

9 bad habits that are often practiced, too much coffee


Still a lot women those who commit bad behavior when menstruation. In fact, these habits can lead to new problems.

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon that all women experience. However, there are still many who do not understand this situation properly.

As a result, many bad habits are still practiced during menstruation. Most of the time, women believe that this practice can dissolve the stressful situation during menstruation.

However, if you want your period to feel good, you need to avoid the following habits.

1. It is difficult to change the bandage

Wearing one for a long period of time can cause bacterial growth in the intimate area.

A variety of sources, in some cases, bacteria in sanitary napkins can cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome), which harms life.

Not changing the pad often will also cause bad smell in the female area. Therefore, it is recommended to change the bandage every 3-4 hours.

2. Ignorance of menstruation

New job.  Volunteer work.  SMM woman schedule agenda.  Interesting business strategy.  Plan your web traffic.Example. Irregular cycle, one of the bad habits during menstruation. (iStockphoto/golubovy)

Normal recording should not be done only by women who are planning to become pregnant. Everyone needs to do it.

Tracking menstrual periods, blood pressure, and pain levels can make it easier for you to provide information when consulting with your doctor.

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3. Drink a lot of coffee

Concentrate GlamourAbout 78 percent of women agree that caffeine is the biggest problem during menstruation.

One study found that drinking one or more cups of caffeinated beverages per day increased the risk of PMS by 30 percent.

4. Unclean hands

It is important to take care of hand hygiene to protect the vagina from all the germs encountered throughout the day. Continue to wash your hands thoroughly with insecticidal soap even if your hands are clean.

In addition to eliminating the smell of blood, antibacterial soap can also eliminate bacteria and viruses that may remain after changing the pad.

5. Smoking

Cigarette or tobacco is one of the three things that are harmful to menstruation. Smokers tend to experience more severe menstrual cramps and symptoms.

6. Reduce movement

Many women suffer from abdominal pain which is very distressing during menstruation or PMS. This makes women weak and sluggish in movement.

In fact, exercise can reduce stomach pain by increasing blood flow and reducing stress. So, sitting at your desk all day cannot cause menstrual cramps.

7. Drink beer

Consuming alcohol right before your period can also worsen symptoms, especially constipation. Alcoholic beverages can dehydrate you and reduce magnesium levels.

It can also cause headaches, mood swings, and breast tenderness.

8. Insomnia

A sad woman awake at night, tired and suffering from insomniaExample. Insomnia, examples of bad habits during menstruation. (Istockphoto/demaerre)

Lack of sleep is said to make menstruation long and irregular. Lack of sleep will also cause hormone levels to become unbalanced and even worsen the mood during menstruation.

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9. Respond to concerns

Stress has many health effects, including menstrual irregularities. Stress can make constipation more painful.

You are advised to do exercise, meditation, or anything that can reduce stress during menstruation.


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