9 Advantages of Using a Front Washing Machine, Save Space and Water

9 Advantages of Using a Front Washing Machine, Save Space and Water


Next washing machine or before loading Trend in society. The reasons are different. From aesthetic considerations to practical benefits laundromat front opening.

Laundromat before loading it actually has the same function as a top-loading washing machine. However, the most surprising is in terms of design differences.

If the washing machine with in and out of the clothes being washed is on top of the machine, the washing machine before loading right ahead. This type of design offers many benefits.

Advantages of a Front Loading Washing Machine

Washing machine on blue background, front view with copy space, 3d rendering (general design and caption)Example. Advantages of using a front washing machine (Photo: Istockphoto/mediagfx)

There are at least 9 advantages of a front-loading washing machine, here is a list of things to consider when using a washing machine with this model.

1. Save space

Don’t have a lot of space to put a washing machine? So, just choose the next washing machine.

This is because the front washing machine can be placed under a very tall table. Another method that is also currently in development is to place a portable washing machine next to the kitchen table.

You can still use the table top or front open device for other purposes, such as placing a rice cooker, a small dispenser, etc. Now, getting into the shower won’t be a problem because the clothes come in and out of the front of the washing machine.

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2. Save water

Another benefit of using a front load washing machine is that it saves water. In fact, the ratio of water consumption of front and top washing machines is 1:3.

This is because a front loading washing machine washes clothes in a vertical circular motion. This movement is like a rotating movement.

This way, you only need to fill the washing machine with water about a third of the way. This is different from an overhead washing machine that washes in a horizontal circular motion.

This motion requires you to fill the washer three-quarters of the way, so all the clothes are submerged, and then the machine spins.

3. Save on the bath

A stack of folded towels and laundry detergent on a white table in the bathroomExample. The advantage of using a front loader is that it saves water and washing (iStockphoto/Liudmila Chernetska)

A washing machine that saves water, of course, also saves laundry. This is because less water means that you don’t have to add as much laundry to keep up with the amount of water needed.

This way, you can save money on buying toiletries. In addition, it is probably better for the environment because there is less bathroom waste.

4. Save electricity

Another benefit of using a front load washing machine is that it saves electricity. How can that be? This is because the vertical rotation makes the washing process faster.

When the process is faster, the power used may be lower. This is different from the above equipment washing machines which require a long process of rinsing the clothes.

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Benefits of Using a Front Loading Washing Machine