9.3 BB: Abd Al Malik’s first series for Slash

9.3 BB: Abd Al Malik’s first series for Slash

A new series for Slash starts filming today in Seine St. Denis: 9.3 BB and the project is highly anticipated as it will be signed by Abd Al Malik.

In any case, Slash is gradually becoming the place where everything happens for the “other” French creation in the public service. Earlier in the day we found out about the shooting unworthy mother. But until March 10th there is another project, 9.3BB written by the singer Wallen and whose 8 episodes of 26 minutes are signed Abd Al Malik. A series that dares to talk to us about the suburbs in a different way can only attract us with an original concept and promise the best.

After the death of her friend Bruno, a police officer who has been infiltrated into a right-wing extremist group, Leïla sees her world and her plans for the future collapsing. One evening, fascinated by the hustle and bustle of the theater opposite her town and attracted by a young man whom she mistakes for her deceased fiancé, she embarks on a senseless race to the great hall where she waits on the general of Antigone Bertolt Brecht. The play upset her and resonated so well with her, a young girl from Seine-Saint-Denis who is passionate about poetry, that she decides to drop out of her newly formed law school and convinces her four childhood friends to join a troupe establish. With the support of Brian, the director of the theatre, Leïla begins writing and directing her own play. This task takes on the appearance of an initiatory journey for Leïla and her troupe, since the difficulties encountered arouse certain animosities and unexpected feelings… Against all odds, Leïla manages to put on her show, even if nothing will be between her and her friends as previously.

The cast, consisting of new faces and well-known actors, also promises a lot: Luisa Benaissa (Leila), Matteo Falcone (Baptist), boomes (Slim), Horya Benabet (Charlotte) Patrick Bouchitey (brian) Aaliyah Lexilus (Jane), Victor Bonnell (Jeremiah), Majida Ghomari (Other), Marie Zabukovec (Manon), Mila Nizard (Advisor), Jules Benchetrit (Raphael).

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