“8:30 p.m. on Saturday”: Was it really Club Dorothée who launched the sitcom in France?

“8:30 p.m. on Saturday”: Was it really Club Dorothée who launched the sitcom in France?

In his last issue on Saturday at 8.30pm he devoted a dossier to AB sitcoms and claimed that Club Dorothée created the genre for itself. Right or wrong ?

« This show launched a genre of its own: that of French sitcoms! With these words, Laurent Delahousse starts his dossier on AB sitcoms 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. A claim that certainly corresponds to the story told by Jean-Luc Azoulay, but far from the truth. First, because all AB series aren’t really sitcoms in the sense that we understand them. Sitcom means “sitcom” once you incorporate drama into your series (rape, suicide, fight,…) as in Helen and the boys or first kisses, they are no longer sitcoms, but in this case, teenage soap operas copying pre-recorded laughter (which American television doesn’t have, since sitcoms are filmed in front of genuinely laughing audiences). In fact, Club Dorothée launched its first in-house sitcom in 1989, Salut les Musculars. But the genre already exists in France.

« I travel, I go to the United States and I watch the sitcoms“, specifies Jean-Luc Azoulay in the report. One could almost think that the producer with formidable flair brought the genre home. Except in France Madame is being served was already offered in January 1987 on Antenne 2. And in 1988 the Cosby show arrives on M6. And then it’s not that we don’t know My beloved mug, Arnold and Willyor Punk Brewster for example. But there are already French sitcoms

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So, on September 11, 1988, TF1 launched a 104-episode series on Saturdays on its antenna: Roll on MondayI !

But of course, on September 8, 1985, Antenne 2 will bring together for the first time Rosy Varte and Jean-Marc Thibaut in Maguy, destined for about 8 years and 333 episodes with its cult credits by Michel Costa.

“Club Dorothée, milestone of the era of the first Japanese animated films”

Another phrase heard on the show that serves to tell the story of the show and enforce it over time. Only it’s even more necessary than sitcoms. Club Dorothée started in 1987, and at least one other Dorothée show offered Japanese anime about 10 years earlier. Goldorak, Candy, Lady Oscar, Cobra and so many others, there are countless Japanese cartoons released in Récré A2. Croque Vacances on TF1 from 1980 will do the same, especially with Capitaine Flam. Here, too, the storytelling works, but turns out to be simply wrong.

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