8 tips for drying clothes indoors

8 tips for drying clothes indoors

In the middle of winter, when the temperatures are getting colder and it’s raining again and again, it’s not always easy to dry your laundry in the sun. Here are our 8 tips on how to properly dry your laundry indoors.

A recurring problem. While 2022 will have been the hottest year ever recorded in France, the month of January 2023 begins with low temperatures but above all lots of rain. In these conditions, it is impossible to dry clothes in the sun. Here are some tips on how to properly dry your laundry indoors and avoid odors or moisture.

Adjust the machine program

This is the first indispensable reflex for a successful drying. When washing your laundry, be sure to choose a mode that includes a good spin, and therefore avoid, for example, the “delicates” mode. In addition, with some machines it is also possible to spin again after washing.

In this case it is necessary to prefer a high spin mode to spin the laundry as much as possible before removing it from the machine. Be careful, the stronger the spin cycle, the more creased the laundry, so good ironing is essential.

Wring out by hand or with a towel

However, if the laundry is still damp, we recommend wringing it out by hand before hanging it up. To do this, you have to twist and squeeze the garment to drain as much water as possible. A bath towel can also be used for this, which is a very effective technique. The garment is wrapped in a large towel and pressed firmly. The water contained in the laundry is then absorbed by the towel.

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Avoid wet rooms

After spinning, it is important to choose the right place to hang the laundry. For this it is necessary to give preference to the less humid room of the apartment. It is possible to place the drying rack near a radiator or open the windows of the room wide so that the laundry dries faster.

Don’t fold your clothes

To dry your laundry properly, small gestures are important. Therefore, be careful not to fold your laundry on the drying rack. Although this might save space, it would increase drying time.

Place your laundry well

For optimal drying, it is also necessary to take clothespins or hangers and place the clothes well. It is therefore important not to overfill your machine in order not to run out of space on the drying rack.

Remove dry clothing as you walk

Laying out the laundry does not end the work. The drying process must be carefully monitored. In fact, it is important to remove each dry garment to save space and allow air to penetrate the laundry better, thus speeding up drying.

Do not boil while drying

Attention, it is very important not to cook while drying, even in another room. Smells are sometimes capricious and penetrate everywhere. It is therefore strongly recommended not to take the risk of having to wash everything again because of bad smells.

Use a hair dryer

While this isn’t very ecological and risks using a little extra electricity, if drying really matters or when time is short, a hair dryer can also be used, preferably set to maximum heat and aimed at the laundry that dries faster. A trick that is not very economical but impressively effective.

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