8 Safest and Most Effective Year-End Vacation Tips

8 Safest and Most Effective Year-End Vacation Tips

The prices of accommodation and transport tickets before the end of the year holidays are more expensive than normal times. Pegipegi noted that the average increase in hotel prices during the high season is 15 percent more expensive than the low season. As for year-end holiday transportation tickets, such as flights, are expected to increase by about 10 to 20 percent.

The period from November to early December is the best time for Fimela Friends to book accommodation and transport tickets to make them affordable. With early registration, Fimela Friends can save a budget of 15-35 percent on accommodation and 10-20 percent on transportation tickets.

One of the ways, Fimela Friends can take advantage of the promotional program PAS (Order Now) of Pegipegi Lagi, which is more economical at the end of the year! The PAS promo period runs from November 6 to December 5 2022. Fimela members can get discounts on hotels and air tickets for year-end holidays up to IDR 125 thousand.

In addition to early registration, Fimela Friends can also promote other ways to get affordable prices, such as staying on Sunday or Monday, participating in flash sales, booking at newly opened hotels, participating in programs safety, and take advantage of special offers from financial banking services..

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