8 K-Pop Music Videos With Stunning Sci-Fi Themes: “Signal”, “Next Level”, More!

8 K-Pop Music Videos With Stunning Sci-Fi Themes: “Signal”, “Next Level”, More!

K-pop offers a variety of concepts for viewers to enjoy, from bubbly to sophisticated versions, the list of concepts keeps growing as the genre progresses. However, there is one particular concept that is also very popular with fans and that is science fiction!

Here are 8 K-pop music videos with fun sci-fi themes!



TWICE “SIGNAL” MV takes on the sci-fi theme with its alien concept! The song is not only a catchy tune, but also a fun treat worth seeing. ONCEs will always find it amusing that girls have superpowers while professing their alien infatuation.

What’s more, “SIGNAL” has become so popular that it even won its second Song of the Year award TWICE at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2. “Secret” by WJSN


WJSN mesmerizes fans with their “Secret” MV with a little twist on the sci-fi spectrum. What sets their music video apart from others is the mix of sci-fi and fantasy, with space as the main focus. WJSN has really stuck to its alternative stage name, “Cosmic Girls.”

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3. “Next Level” by aespa


In their music video for “Next Level”, aespa dives into futuristic themes on the sci-fi radar. With its buzzing electro bassline and outstanding verses, aespa is sure to take its fans on a journey through Kwangya!

4. “ALIEN” by Lee Suhyun


Lee Suhyun’s EXTRATERRESTRIAL offers fans an out-of-space adventure. What makes “ALIEN” unique is that it follows a specific narrative structure that takes on a comedic format. The clip follows an alien heroine on a quest to save Earth.

Fans are mesmerized by the MV’s transition between 2D drawings and Lee Suhyun giving an energetic performance on the song.

5. “Galaxy Supernova” by SNSD


SNSD’s dance version of their iconic “Galaxy Supernova” really exuded sci-fi vibes with its vibrant backdrop, futuristic setting and flashy sequences.

6. “Mon universes” by BTS & Coldplay


The song “My Universe” from the collaboration between BTS and Coldplay won the hearts of fans around the world with its music and its unique sci-fi concept. In its music video, “My Universe” explains how music can unite everyone, no matter the differences.

In addition to its profound message, “My Universe” is also a visual treat for viewers. The MV is a must-see considering its production fits every sci-fi description.

7. “Might” by EXO


Aside from its catchy tune, “EXO Power” is a wholesome and fun music video that sees the boys fighting an evil robot. Watching the music video can make anyone’s day!

8. “Wa Da Da” by Kep1er


Rookie girl group Kep1er are also captivating fans with a sci-fi aesthetic on their debut track, “WA DA DA.” In the music video, various sequences contain images that can take anyone beyond the cosmos!

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Do you know other MVs with a sci-fi concept? Let us know in the comments below!

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