8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Huge Red Velvet Fans Kpop News

8 K-Pop Idols Who Are Huge Red Velvet Fans Kpop News

There are few things more beautiful than seeing idols who are big fans of other idols. That’s why this list of 8 Idols Who Turned Out to be Hardcore ReVeluv is full of delightful facts and moments that will brighten your day – some of them being the most successful ReVeluv moments of all time.

1. Sakura de LE SSERAFIM

Since she BY YOU Days ago, Sakura was very open about her love for her red velvet – etc Irene particularly. The LE SSERAFIM member has shared on numerous occasions how much she loves and adores Irene, even sharing her collection of Irene products and her reaction after finally meeting the Red Velvet star.

2. Suho d’EXO

Suho seems to be more of a big fan of the group’s music than any particular member. He has been spotted dancing to their songs at awards shows on a number of occasions and loves to mention Red Velvet at every opportunity!


When it comes to SHINee, it’s hard to single out one member as all five have shown their love and support for their fellow students. The boy band will never miss a chance to dance to a Red Velvet song as proudly as possible!

4. Rei d’IVE

Rice’s love for Red Velvet joie is huge and adorable! Fans were happy and happy to witness the two idols’ cute interactions, which sure made Rei just as happy!

5. San d’Ateez

Not only San named the main dancer of the group Selgi as one of the seniors he looks up to, but the ATEEZ member also said he’s dying to cover Red Velvet’s hit “Bad Boy.”

6. Bang Yedam

the old TREASURE The member may be one of Irene’s many fanboys, but he’s definitely one of the toughest! The singer posed proudly as he watched the band’s “Dumb Dumb” performance while focusing on Irene and the fanboying. He even shared a photo where we can see a photo card of the Red Velvet leader.

7. Jinsoul de Loona

From randomly starting to sing Red Velvet songs when they hear a word in their lyrics, to proudly showing them off Perfect velvet physical album, Jinsoul is a ReVeluv through and through.

8. Yoon de StayC

Yoon had one of the most successful ReVeluv stories! She started covering her songs Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi‘s “Naughty” and dance to her performances at award shows. In the end, Yoon was able to appear on Seulgi Navigate NOW show Seulgi.zip and become his idol’s best friend!

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