8 Brief Facts About Queen Elizabeth: Not The Richest Person In Britain

8 Brief Facts About Queen Elizabeth: Not The Richest Person In Britain


England was filled with sadness after his departure War Elizabeth II on Thursday (8/9).

Many unforgettable things about the Queen who ruled the British Empire for 70 years. There may be a list of information that you are not aware of.

Despite the long reign, the people do not know much about their queen. In fact, this is a natural thing among the members of the royal family. Even Queen Elizabeth II rarely asks questions. He looks close to his corgi dog and hat that is absent in every face.

So, here are some facts about Queen Elizabeth II that the public may not know.

1. Birthday party twice a year

The Queen was born on April 21, 1926. However, she celebrates her birthday twice on her ‘birth certificate’ and on her official royal birthday. The tradition of giving official birthdays has been held for the past 273 years.

The Queen’s birthday is officially celebrated in a country with the annual Trooping the Color parade every June. This grand parade was first performed on the occasion of King George II’s birthday in 1683.

2. You don’t have a passport

Queen Elizabeth II has traveled to at least 260 countries since coming to power. Despite traveling abroad, he said that the Queen does not have a passport. How?

As reported by the British website, the British passport is issued in the name of the Queen so that the Queen does not get it. But this privilege is not available to other members of the royal family including Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

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8 special facts about Queen Elizabeth: