8 Best K-Pop Boy Band Songs Solos for April 2023: “Haegeum”, “Perfume”, “Plus!

8 Best K-Pop Boy Band Songs Solos for April 2023: “Haegeum”, “Perfume”, “Plus!

As April draws to a close, fans are also thankful as many of their favorites have released their own music. While K-pop artists dropped plenty of bops in April, it’s also time to acknowledge their iconic hits.

Here are the 8 best K-pop boy band songs and solos for April 2023!

1. “Haegeum” by BTS Suga / Agust D


Suga took everyone’s breath away with his debut solo album “D-DAY” with the title track “Haegeum”. The song is one of April’s best releases due to its wild attitude. The song also showcases Suga’s skill when it comes to using traditional instruments and placing his music in challenging contexts.

2. ‘Perfume’ by NCT ​​DOJAEJUNG


NCT DOJAEJUNG is the fifth sub-unit after NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV. The trio debuted on April 17 when they released the music video for “Parfum.”

NCT DOJAEJUNG consists of members Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo. NCTzens were thrilled to see the three in the fast-paced music video, showcasing their incredible voice, choreography and presence. Listeners are treated to a state of groove that cements the song as the best K-pop debut of 2023.

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3. NCT Marks “Golden Hour”


Mark of NCT has officially released their second version “Golden Hour” for SM STATION’s “NCT LAB”. The song rocks with its drumbeat and instrumental electric guitar, accompanied by Mark’s vocals and rap.

He also drew attention to Mark and Gordon’s hilarious online interaction as netizens spotted the wholesome TikTok video chef making reference to the idol. In addition, the song is also inspired by a tweet from a fan. The tweet caught the attention of Gordon himself, leading to a wild and hilarious reaction from the celebrity chef.

4. “Great” the SEVENTEEN


SEVENTEEN “Super” is also a certified bop for April. The group showcased their vocal range, “knife-like” choreography and punchy music. The song is taken from their 10th mini-album, FML, which was also released on April 24th.

According to CARATs, the songs tell the story of “Sun Wukong”, the protagonist of the Chinese classic “Journey to the West”. With the song’s heroic dynamics as its strength, it’s also refreshing to see a bop that represents an iconic tradition.

5. “Dangerous” by TEMPEST


On April 17th, TEMPEST released “Dangerous”, a funky and EDM song that can get anyone on the dance floor! The song is also from the band’s fourth mini-album, The Calm Before The Storm. If you haven’t heard “Dangerous” yet, then this is your chance!

6. “Predator” by HIGHLIGHT Lee Gikwang


Lee Gikwang’s “Predator” embodies its own graceful energy, manifested through its synthwave genre and airy feel.

7. “Freakin’ Bad” from Xdinary Heroes


On April 26th, Xdinary Heroes released Fuck Bad from their third expanded game Deadlock.

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8. “Unforgettable” by ONEUS


ONEUS gave fans a ray of sunshine with their uplifting and upbeat comeback Unforgettable.

Which songs from the list are your favourites? Do you have other songs in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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