7 ways to repel flies in the rainy season

7 ways to repel flies in the rainy season


Flies often appear in the house during the rainy season. The warm air makes the flies appear during the rainy season.

How to get fired departure actually not difficult. You can use materials that you have at home.

The presence of these flying insects disturbs the peace of the house owners. Even though they don’t bite, the sound of flies makes noise in their ears and their body dirt can be the cause of diseases.

A fly flies and likes to move from one place to another carrying dirt and germs with it.

The body of the fly can carry bacteria or viruses that cause diseases, such as stomach ache, cholera, diarrhea, eye disease, to typhoid.

How to repel flies

An example of flightExample. How to get rid of insects in the house during the rainy season (Image: Pixabay/schuetz-mediendesign)

Bug complaints can be used for a variety of things. Starting from organic chemicals to pesticides.

Summarized from various sources, here are some ways to get rid of insects that you can try to keep your house clean and free of diseases.

1. Clean the trash thoroughly

An easy way to get rid of bugs is to clean the trash can. As we all know, most of the bugs like garbage places like trash heaps.

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Immediately check the status of your household waste. Make sure it is clean and always tightly closed.

If the garbage is transported home by the cleaners, do not forget to clean the container with disinfectant or carbolic acid.

2. Clean animal litter

Pets can only flush water. If the dirt is not cleaned immediately, then prepare for the arrival of insects.

No matter what kind of pet you have in your home, you still have to keep the cage and litter clean. At least clean the animal’s cage until it is sterile every 3 days.

In addition to benefiting home owners to avoid pests, a clean cage can prevent diseases.

3. Moisten the soil with washing water and carbolic acid

Asian women clean the public using mop tiles.Example. How to get rid of insects (Photo: iStockphoto/wutwhanfoto)

The next way to get rid of insects is to wipe the soil with special water. Prepare an empty bucket full of warm water, then mix the dishwashing liquid with carbolic citronella to taste.

Then stir the water using a mop. After that, you wipe the floor of the house with water until it is clean.

In addition to the aroma of citronella carbolic, you can use other aromas such as lavender and marigold. Both smells are not liked by flies very much.

4. Make a trap from apple cider vinegar

If bugs in the house are still appearing regularly, it’s time to make a trap. Prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dish soap, ratio 1:1 in a glass.

Cover the glass with plastic, then tie it with rubber. Punch a hole in the plastic on the top to attract insects inside because of the smell of vinegar.

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Another alternative is to make cayenne pepper water with water. Just cut a few chilies, put them in a bottle of water and spray them in places where insects are found.

5. Plant leaves

Basil leaf comparisonExample. How to get rid of flies by planting plants that smell like flies (Photo: istockphoto/Photo Source)

There are many types of plants that raise animosity, such as lavender, basil, cloves, marigolds, bay leaves, and catnip.

The plants above the leaves generally have a unique smell that is very strong and the smell of the plant does not attract flies and other insects.

Therefore, it will not hurt you to start growing these plants at home to prevent flies from coming.

6. Install a fly trap

Installing a trap can certainly be easier to catch incoming flies. You can buy special equipment at hardware stores.

There are many types of fly traps to choose from. Usually there are those who use glue to UV LED lamps.

In terms of price, these fly traps are different. The average is around Rp. 70 thousand to Rp. 100 thousand and above.

7. Spray insecticide

Spray ExampleExample. How to repel insects by spraying insecticide (Photo: shabbysgd/Pixabay)

The most effective way to repel flies is to spray with insecticide. You can buy gifts in shops or markets.

Pesticides are generally airborne so they are actually sprayed. In addition to repelling flies, insecticides are effective against other types of insects such as mosquitoes and cockroaches.

The use of these pesticides still needs to be considered. Make sure it is not sprayed carelessly on cutlery, near children, pets, or flammable objects.

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