7 Ways to Choose the Right Birth Control Device for Stress-Free Sex

7 Ways to Choose the Right Birth Control Device for Stress-Free Sex


Tool preventing pregnancy help couples plan abdomen. You need to know how to choose the right contraceptive so that sex is not accompanied by anxiety about pregnancy.

There are a variety of birth control methods and their pros and cons. The way it works is different, so the choice should not be arbitrary.

You and your partner must know when to plan to have a baby and be adjusted to birth control.

You can consult a health professional before choosing. But it’s good to first check how to choose the right birth control pill as a first step.

1. Check the requirements

You should determine the reason for using birth control pills. Talk to your partner and look at your birth control options whether you want to delay pregnancy, plan a pregnancy or don’t want to have more children.

Couples who are satisfied with the number of children they have, can consider tubectomy or vasectomy (sterile). Tubectomy or vasectomy is a surgical procedure.

2. Know the types of contraceptives

Contraceptives are many, but basically contraceptives are divided into two categories, namely hormonal contraceptives and non-hormonal contraceptives.

Hormonal birth control methods include birth control pills, progestin birth control pills, injectable birth control pills and the hormonal Intrauterine Device (IUD). And non-hormonal drugs include condoms, sperm, diaphragms and uterine caps and non-hormonal IUDs.

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3. Seeing the effectiveness of birth control pills

Birth control pills do not completely delay pregnancy. Each contraceptive has a different effect and it is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of failure.

You may be considering using a natural birth control method such as the contraceptive pill. This method depends on the woman’s reproductive period. There is a list of birth periods so it is recommended not to have sex during the birth period.

You don’t need money and don’t put anything foreign in the body but the chance of failure can be as high as 23 percent. It is very important to see the effectiveness as a way to choose the right method for birth control.

4. Watch out for the side effects of contraception

Before choosing birth control pills, be aware of the side effects of birth control pills. In general, hormonal contraceptives have side effects of acne, nausea, problems with the menstrual cycle to the effect of breast milk.

Currently, non-hormonal contraceptives often cause unwanted side effects, for example on condoms or cervical caps.

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