7 Tips for Dyeing Hair with Natural Colors

7 Tips for Dyeing Hair with Natural Colors

There are many new things that we can try during #dirumahaja to get rid of boredom, one of them is experimenting with hair. Hair is a part of the body that is easy to change and hair is another part of the body that will definitely make us look better. Of course, there is nothing wrong if we want to change the style of our hair when we are tired of the appearance that it has had for many years. who does not want to stand out at all times?

So, how about this time we play with hair color? Fear of damaged hair? Afraid of bad results? Afraid to look different? Psst… Don’t worry! Popbela will give you recommendations for interesting dye products that do not damage your hair and can make your hair longer. leave, stay natural, and healthy at the same time! No need to use bleaching! Are you interested? Come, see here!

1. NYU Creme Hair Color


NYU Creme Hair Color has 7 natural color options at an affordable price affordable. Apart from being affordable, this hair dye is enriched with natural ingredients that will not damage your hair.

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Without ammonia and supply Super fruit extract like apples, kiwis, and strawberries that make the smell really fresh, unlike other hair dyes. In the NYU setting wearing hair dye, developer, 1 ml of hair vitamin, gloves and applicator. It’s worth a try!

2. Beautylabo Hair Color

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors while. Internet

This hair dye, which originates from Japan, has a long-lasting color claim and does not damage the hair because it is enriched with it. coconut same to you almond oil. It has many color variations that you can choose according to your personality, you know!

Its use is useful so it is good to do it yourself at home. Beautylaboo will penetrate everywhere from the roots to the ends of the hair. For less than IDR 50,000, you get gloves, instructions for use, hair dye, developerand applicator in one package.

3. Garnier Color Naturals

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors while. Internet

Garnier Color can be an option for you who want to change your hair color without bleaching but want the color to stay ‘a’. This hair dye has two types of hair dyes viz many cosmetics with 5 choices of natural hair colors and extreme color with 5 additional color options surgical. This product is also equipped with it avocado oil, almond oilsame to you olive oil which will take care of hair color and body building.

4. April’s Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors while. Internet

If you only want to dye your hair temporarily, this April Hair Color Changing Solution is perfect for you to try. The color will fade in 2-3 weeks which will definitely not damage your hair! The smell is fresh like fruit and not strong at all. After coloring, the hair will appear soft and shiny. The color options are also cool, there are colors pinkpurple, green, and other natural colors like brown that will make the look unique.

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5. L’Oreal Paris Excelence Hair Color

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors amazon.in

The quality of hair products from L’Oreal Paris no longer needs to be questioned, including the hair dye Excellece Creme Hair Color. This product is able to protect your hair before, during and after the coloring process due to its ingredients Triple maintenance protection in strategic form ceramide, pro-keratin, and collagen. It is certain that your hair will be healthy, soft, shiny, but also of good color. There are 12 beautiful natural colors that you can choose according to your taste.

6. Revlon Colorsilk Brown Hair Color

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors while. Internet

Revlon Colorsilk is inspired by Asia for this border The color of this hair dye is specially designed for Asian skin warm. It has 4 color options, namely Matcha Beige, Chestnut Mochi, Caramel Custard, and Chocolate Raspberry. So it is definitely perfect for those of you who want a natural look but still unique!

This product also uses 3D Gel Technology which will create the impression of extra growth and natural hair. And most importantly, this product contains keratin same to you silicon amino acid which will leave the effect of shiny hair.

7. Etude House Hot Bubble Hair Color

Don't Damage Your Hair, 7 Tips for Dyeing with Natural Colors while. Internet

Who doesn’t know Etude House? One of the most famous cosmetics from Korea. But not this time makeup, but super special hair dye. Hot Bubble Style Hair coloring contains natural ingredients such as rose extract.

The smell is sweet and delicious like a cake. So funny, right? There are many color options. It is easy to use because of its shape shampoo foam. In one package you can already have with colored hair, oxidizing agent, Hairdressingcloak vinyl, and gloves. Interested in trying it out?

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