7 tips for decorating the bedroom to be calm and comfortable

7 tips for decorating the bedroom to be calm and comfortable

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A comfortable bedroom does not depend on how much space you have. By choosing the right decoration, even a narrow bedroom will be comfortable.

Here are some tips decorate the room comfortable even with the narrow room.

You need some changes and care to be able to make peace. Starting from choosing the right color, the product of the furniture, the bed linen, the decoration, to the light or light elements.

All these things are important to consider because a narrow bedroom has a lot of impact.

If you choose the wrong things and knick-knacks that will be placed in the room, it will make the room feel narrow and far from comfortable.

Here are seven things that should be considered so that the bedroom is comfortable even though the room is narrow.

1. Choose a neutral color

The most important aspect in decorating a room to make it comfortable is the choice of color, be it the color of furniture, curtains, including the color of the wall.

In fact, if you choose the wrong paint color, it will make the room look dull and uncomfortable.

In addition, the paint color will also affect everything in the room, especially the lighting.

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Neutral colors will be very suitable to use as a main color, for example white, dark, dark, or light gray.

In addition, you can choose some neutral colors like light blue or light green to make the atmosphere of the bedroom calm and peaceful for rest.

2. Use of multiple tools

A shot of a beautiful young woman going to bed in the morning at homeExample. A tip for decorating a cozy bedroom is to choose furniture that is multi-functional (Photo: Getty Images/gradyreese)

Narrow rooms certainly require precision in choosing furniture. One thing you can do is choose a bed that has storage drawers underneath.

It is very important to store all things properly without taking up too much space.

If you have bad money, then you can choose a bed that matches the clothes that will make the room more comfortable.

Additionally, you can prioritize the type of equipment built in which is multifunctional. This type of decoration is usually attached to the wall and adjusted to the shape of the space so that it is effective and fits the room that is most suitable.

3. Hang the curtain up

The installation of curtains in the bedroom affects the perception of whether the room is spacious or not. The closer the curtains are to the ceiling will make the narrow room feel more spacious.

In addition, the choice of fabric and curtain material also needs to be considered. Choose something that is not too thick with the designed elements is the best option.

Because, curtains with an active function or structure will make the room complete.

4. Use multiple lighting options

Lighting is one of the keys to decorating a comfortable room. You can use more than one light source to create a cozy room. This light itself is adapted to its function.

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We recommend that you choose soft and soothing lighting. This light is useful when you want to rest.

Meanwhile, for other tasks that require high light intensity, you can use a small lamp that hangs or stands on the wall.

5. Choice of accessories

Side view of beautiful bedroom with plaid and pillows on comfortable bed, home decor and pillows on soft sofa in white interior design in bohemian styleExample. Choosing the right accessories is the key to decorating a comfortable and spacious room (Photo: iStockphoto/brizmaker)

Even though the room is narrow, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to add accessories to it. By adding accessories or decorations, it will make the atmosphere of the room happy.

One of them that you can choose is a digital clock that also has a picture frame, a patterned wall clock, woven hanging decorations, paintings, wooden shelves, or LED light decorations.

6. Choose a rug with a small pattern

If you are using a floor mattress, then it would be a good idea to place a carpet that works as a foundation for the floor mattress. Choose a rug with a simple pattern and a small pattern so that it does not become crowded.

You can also choose the color of the carpet that matches the color of the sheets or bed covers and the pillows you use.

If you do not find a rug that matches the color of the bed, then you can choose a rug with a neutral color such as black, gray, white, or brown.

7. Place the mirror

Mirrors can give the illusion of a spacious room. You can hang a mirror, either square or round, on the wall.

However, also pay attention to the size of the mirror to get the impression of a spacious bedroom. Do not choose a mirror that is too small because it will not have any effect, while the mirror that is too big fills the wall because it will only hinder the appearance of the room.

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In addition, the function of placing a mirror in the room is to reflect the natural light that enters from the window, thus creating light and space.

These are tips to make a comfortable room even in a narrow room that you can try at home.


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