7 Things You Should Avoid When Treating Acne

7 Things You Should Avoid When Treating Acne

Acne is one of the most annoying skin problems. However, you cannot avoid this skin problem because of the many factors that cause acne, one of which is difficult to overcome.

Yes, you cannot prevent and predict the onset of acne due to hormones.

In addition, the healing process of acne takes about two to six weeks. In order for the healing process to go smoothly, there are many things you should avoid. Here is the explanation.

1. Wash your face often

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Although it can lift the dirt that clings to the skin, washing your face too much can make your skin dry and irritated, thus affecting the healing process of acne.

In addition, you can use a gentle face wash that does not irritate the skin.

2. Try multiple acne medications at once

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The next thing you should avoid when dealing with acne is not to try too many acne medications or products with ingredients that can treat acne at the same time.

This of course also affects the healing process of your acne. Instead of improving, your skin may become irritated.

3. The origin of acne treatment

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To get the best results, follow the instructions for using the acne treatment you want to use.

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However, before using the solution, make sure to clean your face first, and then apply enough acne treatment, because if it is used too much it can cause irritation.

Remember if you are using acne treatment, avoid using the product skin care contain working ingredients.

4. Don’t treat acne until it heals

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If you use acne treatment, especially the medicine prescribed by the doctor, you should use it until your acne is reduced, yes, because if it is not adjusted then your acne will not heal completely.

When acne starts to subside, you can reduce the amount of drug use.

5. Using products that cause acne

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When your skin has acne, avoid using products that contain oil and other ingredients that can cover acne, because these ingredients can make acne worse.

6. Squeeze pimples

7 Things You Should Avoid When Treating Acneeucerin.co.uk

As you know that acne healing process takes a long time. While waiting for your pimples to subside, never squeeze your pimples, Bela.

When you squeeze a pimple, it causes swelling. Additionally, the acne healing process will take a long time.

7. Do not use sunscreen

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The contents of the product acne treatment This can make your skin more prone to sun damage. Therefore, continue to use it sunscreen.

You can choose sunscreen which there is no more oil non-comedogenic so as not to interfere with the acne healing process.