7 Special Things of Surabaya, Bu Rudy’s Sambal to Cak Cuk T-shirt

7 Special Things of Surabaya, Bu Rudy’s Sambal to Cak Cuk T-shirt


A visit to Kota Pahlawan is incomplete if you don’t bring some special souvenirs Surabaya for family and friends.

In addition, Surabaya has many options memories which is unfortunate to lose. From food to t-shirts.

Aside from the various souvenirs, typical Surabaya souvenirs are easy to find. Starting from those sold in official stores, warehouses, and even available at Juanda Airport and Surabaya Gubeng Station.

Well, here are 7 Surabaya souvenirs that you must bring when visiting this city.

1. Sambal Bu Rudy

lemon comparisonExample. Bu Rudy’s Sambal is one of the unique memories of Surabaya. (Photo: iStockphoto/MielPhotos2008)

Bu Rudy’s Sambal is a Surabaya souvenir that you must buy when visiting this city. Besides being a popular and delicious flavor, Bu Rudy’s Sambal is legendary because it has been around since 1995.

Bu Rudy’s Sambal has many variations that you can choose according to your taste, namely soy sauce, green sauce, onion sauce, and shrimp sauce.

Bu Rudy’s Sambal is one of Surabaya’s special souvenirs at Juanda Airport. In fact, it is now sold on e-commerce and shipped directly from Surabaya.

2. Almond Crispy Cheese

Almond Crispy Cheese is one of the unique souvenirs of Surabaya, although it is not a traditional food. This snack is made with flour, sugar, eggs, milk, cheese and almonds.

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Although thin, every bite of Almond Crispy Cheese is delicious in the mouth. This is a typical Surabaya souvenir at Gubeng Station because it can be found there.

3. Spikoe

Spiku or Lapis Surabaya, Indonesian Three Layer Cake with Strawberry Jam Between Layers.  It is filled with prunes.  Served with teaExample. Spikoe or three-layer cake is one of the unique souvenirs of Surabaya. (Photo: iStockphoto/Ika Rahma)

Spikoe is also known as Surabaya cake. Spikoe is another Surabaya souvenir that is worth taking home, even though it’s in a different city.

You can buy Spikoe in official stores or Surabaya museums. The variations include original, no raisins, prunes, for speculaas.

4. Use of Snacks

Guna-Guna Snack is modern Surabaya souvenirs, such as potato chips, dragon fruit chips, dry soes, fried meat, cheese syringe, schotel macaroni, black chicken, to shuimpjes.

In addition to offering a variety of food items, Guna-Guna snacks are packaged in an attractive box so that it is suitable to give as souvenirs or gifts.

If you want to buy Guna-Guna Snack, you can visit the shop directly at Perum Darmo Sentosa Raya, Jajar Tunggal, Surabaya or order via Instagram @gunaguna_snack and e-commerce, such as Shopee and Tokopedia.

5. Telasih syrup

juice bottle for making juiceExample. Siropen telasih is one of Surabaya’s unique souvenirs. (Photo: iStockphoto/TMC_Photo_Create)

Siropen Telasih is a new drink from Surabaya with flavors of rose, cocoa pandan, raspberry, vanilla, to orange. This drink does not use artificial sweeteners.

These monuments have been around since 1923. Siropen Telasih can also be found in the Surabaya memorial center.

6. Udeng Surabaya

Not just food, this Hero City has udeng craft that can be brought as souvenirs. Udeng Surabaya is a special device of the president for men with good character and East Javanese character.

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What makes this udeng different from other regional udeng is the V-shaped antenna on the back of the udeng. Udeng Surabaya or also known as poteh poncot slanted is already well known, both at home and abroad.

7. Cuk Cuk T-shirt

Example of ClothingExample. The Cak Cuk T-shirt is one of the unique souvenirs of Surabaya. (Jeff Sheldon/Unsplash.com)

If Bali has Joger T-shirts and Yogyakarta has Dagadu T-shirts, the City of Heroes has Cak Cuk T-shirts that can be used as souvenirs similar to Surabaya. Cak Cuk T-shirts are written with things about Surabaya and are sold at Jalan Dharmawangsa No. 53A, Gubeng, Surabaya.


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