7 Signs He’s Enjoying Sex, There Are Hate Quotes

7 Signs He’s Enjoying Sex, There Are Hate Quotes


Many questions may arise during that time make love with a partner. One of them maybe you are interested in whether your partner is satisfied with your performance in bed.

Don’t worry if you are shy to ask. In fact, there are some signs that he is enjoying sex with you.

Of course, it will be difficult to judge whether your partner is enjoying sex or not. If you are even asked, you may worry that the answers are given to please you.

Instead of guessing, just pay attention to the following signs.

1. There is eye contact

Eyes never lie. Some say that the eyes are the windows to the head, because they can reveal many things about a person.

As reported from StylecrazeIf someone is interested in you, they will exchange glances with you and hold your eyes as they speak.

2. Water kiss

A kiss is usually used as a key to open a meeting and try to create an atmosphere of desire. Just like that, kissing can be done on the side of the session.

If you kiss a lot while out, this shows that your partner really likes and respects you. How to kiss also shows the strength and depth of his love.

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3. It brings you closer

A couple of beautiful people with a beautiful view of a beautiful woman lying on a divan soulmate giving time to wake up in the light white interior style living room in the house.Example. There are many signs that he enjoys sex. (iStockphoto/Deagrez)

Love makes your body close to him, even clinging to each other. However, if he takes steps to pull your body closer, this shows that he enjoys having sex with you.

“If someone pulls you towards them or pulls himself towards you, this is a sign of pleasure,” said consultant and sex therapist Denise Knowles, as reported by the Daily Mail. Cosmopolitan.

4. Sounds of sex

Everyone will make a special sound while making love. Denise says these sounds can be moans, laughs, grunts, or screams.

There are also those who are not silent. Silence can also indicate someone is enjoying their time.

“If he is silent, it does not mean that he is not happy about it, silence does not mean that he is not satisfied,” he said.

5. Call your name

When your partner calls your name during sex, it means that he is really enjoying his time with you. It can also show that he really loves you.

Name calling can add interest and atmosphere. You can also call your partner to understand that he is alone in his heart.

6. It is not delayed

Making love can be very tiring and sleep is the sweetest agenda after all. If he sets the time to be after the gamemaybe he enjoys sleeping with you.

“If you’re comfortable in bed and talking and hanging out, that’s a sign that he’s satisfied,” says Denise.

7. Orgasm

Some people take ejaculation as a sign that someone is enjoying sex. However, ejaculation does not always indicate that he is enjoying sex.

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Men can ejaculate and sex can be enjoyable even if the partner has not yet ejaculated.


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