7 national heroes from Maluku, Pattimura to Sultan Nuku

7 national heroes from Maluku, Pattimura to Sultan Nuku

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During the colonial period, there were many warrior from the area where they fought against the people to get rid of the colonial rule. Not except for my country’s heroes Maluku.

Maluku Island became one of the areas of Indonesia that Europeans first visited. Because there are a lot of spices in the town of Maluku.

The arrival of a foreign community that wants to invade Maluku, the local people certainly did not accept it. Then they denounced the colonial rule from the western countries.

This incident led to the national heroes who came from the town of Maluku.

Here are seven national heroes from Maluku.

1. Captain Pattimura

Pattimura is a National Hero from MalukuThomas Matulessy or Pattimura is one of the national heroes from Maluku (Photo: Ministry of Social Archives via Detikcom)

The people of Indonesia certainly know one of the national heroes whose real name is Thomas Matulessy or who is better known as Pattimura.

This national hero from Maluku has won the 2000 Rp1,000 coin.

Kapitan Pattimura was born on the island of Saparua, Maluku, on June 8, 1783. Together with Anthoni Rebhok, Melchior Kesaulya, Philip Latumahina, and Ulupaha, they worked side by side to fight against the Dutch.

The hero who died in Ambon on December 16, 1817, has been recorded several times in raising trouble against the invaders.

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For example, in the battle of Duurstede Fort, Waisisil Beach, Jasirah Hatawano, and South Seram.

2. Johannes Leimena

Johannes Leimena was named a national hero from Maluku by law number, 52/TK/2010 dated November 11, 2010. Of course this cannot be separated from the contribution of the man born in Ambon, March 6, 1905 ago.

Born into a family of scholars, young Johannes Leimena already had a critical mind. His imagination grew after he studied at STOVIA.

He then became General President of Jong Ambon in 1925, and participated in the Youth Promise event on October 28, 1928.

3. Martha Christina Tiahahu

Martha Christina TiahahuMartha Christina Tiahahu is one of the national heroines from Maluku (Photo: Special Doc)

Not only men, but also Maluku gave birth to women warriors who are not small in strength. Martha Christina Tiahahu, a female warrior from Maluku, was born in Nusa Laut, on January 4, 1800.

Martha Christina Tiahahu’s father, Kapitan Paulus Tiahahu is a man who helped Thomas Matulessy. Martha did not hesitate to join the struggle with her father against the Dutch.

Martha Christina Tiahahu has launched a war strategy to continue the struggle against her predecessors and invaders. But unfortunately he was later captured and died in Banda Sea on January 2, 1818.

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