7 K-Pop Songs With Crazy Choreographies: OMG, Naughty, More!

7 K-Pop Songs With Crazy Choreographies: OMG, Naughty, More!

Fans know how K-pop manages to appeal to everyone with its variety of dances, and during its heyday the choreography has continued to evolve as the genre has expanded. K-pop is known for its memorable choreography, which usually takes the form of a “killing party.”

However, some dances are known to be incredibly difficult. While there are some easy-to-learn and recognizable spot choreographies, other songs contain dances that may take time to master.

Here Are 7 K-Pop Songs With Stunning Choreography!

1. “OMG” pair of NewJeans


When it comes to NewJeans, hard choreography is definitely expected. However, when they released “OH MY GOD,” fans quickly sought instructional videos regarding his footwork during the verses and chorus. While dancing her pinpoint choreography in the chorus may seem easy, the leg movements are more difficult than expected.

2. ‘Naughty’ by Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI


Irene and Seulgi’s “Naughty” choreography shocked everyone. The choreography for this song is considered difficult as both idols emphasized the use of tutting, a dance technique that heavily involves arm and hand movements while maintaining synchronization.

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Their choreography has been praised by many for its inventiveness, and while tutting is nothing new, the duo manage to put on an unforgettable dance performance.

3. “What Are You” by SPEED


The members of SPEED defied physics with their choreography in “What are you. “Dancing to the song, the members used heelys, a type of shoe that can help the wearer slip effortlessly. Featuring SPEED’s unparalleled acrobatics and balance, the choreography is considered one of K-pop’s toughest dances.

4. “MIROH” by Stray Kids


Of all the dances presented by Stray Kids, fan favorite “MIRO” stands out. The dance can be difficult to watch, but when learned and practiced enough, the choreography becomes a fun bop that anyone can dance to.

5. “Crown” by TXT


TXT’s first song “Crown” also has its difficult parts. Along with her hand movements, the choreography emphasizes synchronization, especially the chorus part where certain patterns are formed.

6. “I Want to Be a Celebrity” by Celeb Five


In the song “I Wanna Be A Celebrity,” comedic girl group Celeb Five dominates the footwork aspect combined with their amusing facial expressions. Many artists and fans have covered this song due to its hyper nature. Notably, NCT U also suited the comedic vibe of dancing in a cover.

7. ‘Time for the Moonlit Night’ by FREUND


“Time for Moon Night” was an unforgettable time for buddies. GFRIEND slayed with their dynamic choreography, showcasing fast movements, incredible footwork and the concept of the moon constantly featured in their dance.

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While GFRIEND is known for their orchestral rock music, the group has also successfully established the “2X Speed ​​Dance” trend, in which idols dance to their songs at a faster tempo. Even though it’s disbanded, GFRIEND’s legacy will be remembered forever with their performances.

Do you know other K-Pop songs with difficult choreography? Let us know in the comments below!

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