7 Health Benefits of Curry Leaves, Not Just Tasty

7 Health Benefits of Curry Leaves, Not Just Tasty


Curry leaves or also known as bay leaves seasoning A native of India that is often used as a cooking ingredient because it has a unique aroma.

Besides being able to improve the taste of food, there are actually benefits curry leaves for health.

Quoted from the site health, Curry leaves are known as protective herbs because they have some powerful substances or ingredients in them that work to maintain the overall health of the body.

At first glance, this curry leaf is similar to bay leaf, except it is bigger and has a sharp smell like orange.

Curry Leaf Active Compound

According to research results, curry leaves are rich in compounds such as alkaloids, glycosides, phenolic compounds, linalool, alpha-terpinene, to caryophyllene, which act as natural antioxidants to keep the immune system healthy.

After being able to eliminate free radicals, these compounds are effective in eliminating oxidative stress, a condition associated with the development of chronic diseases.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Compare curry leaves or bay leavesExample. In addition to giving flavor to the dish, it turns out that there are health benefits of curry leaves. (Photo: iStockphoto/bhofack2)

Thanks to the powerful compounds in it, here are some health benefits of curry leaves that you need to know.

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1. It has the potential to cure cancer

A study has shown that curry juice has anticancer effects, one of which prevents the development of serious cancer in breast cancer.

The researchers attributed this anticancer effect to the antioxidant properties in curry leaves, including quercetin, catechins, rutin, and gallic acid.

While the results of some studies mentioned, the curry leaf alkaloid compound called giriminbine is considered to be able to cause the death of colon cancer.

2. Reduce the risk of heart disease

The use of curry leaves is also associated with reducing the risk of heart disease.

Adding curry leaves to your diet can help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can lead to heart disease.

The amount of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels can later be significantly reduced thanks to the role of an alkaloid substance called mahanimbine from the herb.

3. Control blood sugar

Diabetes is a common disease that causes high blood pressure in the body.

By consuming curry leaves in your daily diet, your blood sugar can be controlled effectively thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

Another benefit of curry leaves is that it is very effective in protecting pancreatic cells from insulin to avoid organ damage due to high sugar levels.

4. Protects the nervous system

The health benefits of curry leaves are considered to be neuroprotective which can help protect the health of the nervous system, including the brain.

Research has shown that curry leaves contain nutrients that play a role in protecting against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease in the brain, characterized by loss of neurons and signs of oxidative stress that lead to memory loss.

5. It is suitable for food menu

Curry leaves have a unique taste and aroma like oranges. In India, curry leaves have been used since ancient times as a cooking ingredient.

The carbazole alkaloids in curry leaves can control cholesterol and fat levels in the body.

You can add curry leaves to dishes or mix them into salads to add flavor.

6. Prevent the growth of bacteria that cause tuberculosis

A study found that curry leaf extract can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, including Corynebacterium tuberculosis and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Corynebacterium tuberculosis is a highly contagious pathogen that has the potential to cause tuberculosis (TB).

While Streptococcus pyogenes is a bacteria that comes from skin diseases, it is also very dangerous because it threatens health.

7. It relieves pain

Apart from being anti-microbial or anti-bacterial, curry leaves have many anti-inflammatory compounds that are useful in reducing inflammation.

The health benefits of curry leaves are believed to reduce body pain. This is confirmed by the results of research on animals that were given oral curry leaves.

Essentially their body is responding to a decrease in temperature. But research for people remains to be re-examined.


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