7 Functions of Silica Gel, What for?

7 Functions of Silica Gel, What for?


Silica gel or silica gel is silicon dioxide made synthetically based on sodium silicate. The text is as hard as grain glass.

So, what is silica gel used for? Job, silica gel It can be useful for many purposes because of its protective properties.

Silica gel is often used for many types of products such as shoes, bags, accessories, for food to prevent damage.

There are many other benefits of silica gel. Summarized from various sources, here are other uses of silica gel for your furniture.

1. Absorbent moisture

It was reported Tool, Silica gel can absorb up to 40 percent of indoor heat.

By using silica gel, items in a closed, humid environment will be kept in a good condition and therefore cannot be damaged prematurely.

2. Grief

example of smelly feetExample. Silica gel works to prevent odors (iStockphoto)

Items or rooms that are humid will definitely be prone to odors. For example, shoes, jackets, used towels, or a room without windows.

To overcome the musty smell, you can use silica gel that is stored in the shoe or spread in the corner of the room so that the smell disappears.

3. Safeguards

The performance of silica gel is considered useful for preserving images stored for a long time in a closed environment.

All you have to do is put some silica gel bags in the photo album so that the condition of the paper does not deteriorate for years.

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4. Prevents fungus

mold on an old brown leather bag, fungus on a leather bagExample. The function of silica gel is to prevent leather bags and shoes from being damaged by fungus (Photo: iStockphoto/Norasit Kaewsai)

Leather bags or shoes spoil easily when they are placed in moist containers or stored in dirt.

To prevent your favorite bags and shoes from getting damaged quickly due to dust, make sure to clean them first before storing and put silicone gel in the closet or inside the bag.

5. Prevent rust

Used razors should be cleaned before being returned to the case.

This is useful to prevent rust on a bad knife. Additionally, you can use silica gel in the razor case to make it last longer.

6. Protect cosmetics

Example of GoodsExample. One of the functions of silica gel is to prevent cosmetics from moisture and mildew (Photo: iStockphoto)

Using silica gel in powder cosmetics can prevent fungal growth.

Not only that, silica gel is also useful in that cosmetics are not easily clumped which makes it difficult to use.

7. Keeps the shine of jewelry

Another function of silica gel is that it can protect silver and gold jewelry, so it does not fade or fade in color.

You can simply put a few bags of silica gel in the jewelry box to prevent breakage.

Therefore, if you find silica gel in the packaging box, do not throw it away immediately.

From now on, leave silica gel in the packaging to protect your items so that they are durable and not easily damaged.


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