7 Easy Ways to Shrink Pores at Home

7 Easy Ways to Shrink Pores at Home

Everyone wants to have smooth skin without visible pores, right? Although it works well for the skin, facial pores can sometimes interfere with the appearance and can be a place for blackheads and acne to grow.

For this reason, many people are looking for ways to reduce pores easily. In view of this, Popbela will discuss 7 ways that can be done directly at home. I’m right? Stay tuned until the end!

1. Wash your face with cold water

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The easiest way to reduce pores is to change your face washing habits. If possible, you usually use warm water to wash your face, you should replace it with cold water. Cold weather can help maintain skin elasticity and can help shrink pores.

2. Treat with ice cubes

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In addition, wash your face with cold water, rub your face with ice cubes and they can be done as an easy way to lose weight. Besides being able to reduce dust, ice can also help make the face look brighter.

3. Get down face

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Although it is good for the face, but the process face It can also influence the size of the pores to become larger. As one way to minimize pores you can do is to avoid facial makeup to keep your skin smooth.

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4. Always use sunscreen

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Surely you are still confused about how to reduce the holes on this, right? Although it may seem like nothing, sunscreen can work to protect the skin from sun damage that can lead to premature aging that has a significant effect on the size of pores so that let them grow.

5. Do it steam face

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To keep the pores clean and tight is to do this one way to reduce the pores. Shock Facial peels have been known since ancient times as a powerful remedy for maintaining healthy skin. The steam produced can treat and protect pores as well.

6. Active masks

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As one of the best ways to reduce pores, you cannot skip using a mask as a weekly treatment. Use different types of masks mask which can provide moisture and make pores appear smaller.

7. Eating healthy food

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Finally, you can reduce your pores by eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. The nutrients in these foods can regenerate the skin and treat it from the inside, directly the facial pores will be smaller.

So, these are 7 easy ways to shrink pores. Hope the article is useful and good luck!

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