7 Causes of Rheumatism, Buy Food via Ojol

7 Causes of Rheumatism, Buy Food via Ojol


A known genetic or family history of the disease, rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis can also be caused by certain lifestyle factors. There are many habits that cause rheumatism that you need to avoid.

Rheumatism or rheumatoid arthritis is an infectious disease characterized by pain and inflammation in the joints. Speaking Mayo ClinicIn some people, this condition can damage various body systems, including the skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and blood vessels.

Rheumatoid arthritis is known to be an autoimmune disease whose cause is often unknown. However, there are certain behaviors that are thought to play a role in increasing the risk of lung cancer.

Here are some of them, where they bring different information.

1. Drinking too much coffee

Concentrate With IndiaResearch has found that drinking too much coffee can increase the risk of arthropathy or joint disease. This can cause rheumatism.

Not only that, sweetened coffee with added sugar is also said to worsen arthritis symptoms.

2. Desire anxiety

Anxiety and rheumatism are closely related. A doctor of rheumatology from New York University said that people who suffer from severe stress can cause inflammation in the joints.

3. Buy food by motorcycle taxi online

Example of food in a styrofoam boxExample. Reduced mobility, one of the causes of rheumatism. (Brian Chan)

Nowadays, various applications allow easy access to food. However, unfortunately this makes one lose their mobile phone.

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In fact, sluggishness of movement is one of the causes of rheumatism.

No need to worry, physical activity that is not too heavy will not interfere with the joint. Conversely, if done correctly, physical activity can reduce pain and stiffness due to rheumatism.

Instead of buying food online, you can prepare your own food. Meal planning helps you stay active.

The reason is, any kind of movement can help to put mixed oil, like oil on the right side. Daily activities such as cleaning the kitchen floor or going for a walk during the day are also ways to prevent headaches.

4. Stay up all night

Another study linked insomnia with improved symptoms in rheumatic patients. Insomnia for rheumatic patients can also contribute to unhealthy eating decisions later in life, which can lead to inflammation around the joints.

Adults are advised to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

5. Exercise more

Exercise is important to overcome fatigue during rheumatism, maintain joint health, and improve general health. However, this benefit will not be achieved if there is too much exercise.

Fatigue during too much exercise can cause back pain and rheumatic fatigue.

6. Eat a lot of sausage

Example of barbecueExample. Eating processed food, one of the causes of rheumatism. (morgueFile/frolicsomepl)

Sausage is really the most useful food. Just fry it, then you can eat it right away and dip it in the sauce.

However, processed foods such as sausages can cause rheumatism.

7. Smoking

Smoking is also one of the causes of rheumatism. Smoking can worsen the symptoms of rheumatism.

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Smoking contributes to inflammation in the body and makes some rheumatic drugs ineffective.


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