7 Best BLACKPINK Moments at Coachella 2023: Highlights, Performances, MORE!

7 Best BLACKPINK Moments at Coachella 2023: Highlights, Performances, MORE!

One of the most anticipated music events, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival has earned a reputation for attracting thousands of spectators to see their favorite artists on stage.

Day 2 of Coachella 2023 took place on April 15, with K-pop sensation BLACKPINK headlining the event. The group first pulled off an incredible feat in 2019 when they became underheadliners, marking a first among K-pop artists.

As BLACKPINK grew and progressed in their thriving career, the girl group delivered yet another feat. At Coachella 2023, they became the first K-pop act to headline the event, marking another momentous triumph for the girls and BLINKs, their loving fanbase.

Here are the 7 best BLACKPINK moments during Coachella 2023!

1. Intro scene “PINK VENOM” by BLACKPINK


After a series of backing dancer dance numbers, BLACKPINK made their explosive entrance with “ROSE VENOM,” which started well! The girls performed “PINK VENOM” with a rendition that gave the song a little twist and exceeded fans’ expectations.

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2. Jisoo’s exquisite solo performance “FLOWER”


During the event, BLACKPINK were not only allowed to perform live together, but also had the opportunity to shine individually. For their solo stages, Jisoo started the line-up with “FLOWER”, his first solo song. Jisoo captivated the audience with his catchy music, vocal prowess and stylish looks!

3. Jennie’s wild “You & Me” solo scene


For her solo part, Jennie proceeded with a confident stage of “You Me,” where she freely expressed her skills as a performer. The BLACKPINK member closed for the good of all with his live singing that went viral across the internet.

On her stage, Jennie also suffered a wardrobe malfunction that affected her skirt. However, the idol showed how professional she is by continuing the performance, because for her, the show must always go on!

4. Performances of “Gone” and “On the Ground” by Rosé


Rose’s performances of “Gone” and the first solo track “On the Ground” were also memorable for BLINKs. When Rosé started singing on stage, viewers were mesmerized by her unique voice.

5. Lisa goes all out with ‘MONEY’


BLACKPINK’s main dancer caused a stir in the room with her solo stage. The maknae played an explicit version of “SILVER” that moved BLINKs, who loved Lisa’s charismatic streak. Lisa wasted no time with her sharp dance moves, live vocals and powerful rapping.

6. BTS Jungkook is spotted at an event

At Coachella 2023, BLINKs reportedly spotted Jungkook in BLACKPINK’s performances. While the matter between ARMYs and BLINKs is still contentious, it’s also nice to feel the presence of two of K-Pop’s greatest artists at the same event!

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7. BLACKPINK play their classic hits

(Photo: Instagram: @coachella)

Eventually, BLACKPINK gave the audience a wild ride with most of their songs. These songs include iconic tracks like “BOOMBAYAH”, “Kill This Love”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Playing With Fire”, “Typa Girl”, “Shut Down”, “DDU-DU-DDU-DU” and their stage encore “Forever Young”.






Which parts of BLACKPINK’s main segment are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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